25 Best Frozen Yogurt Shops You Can Find In America

Walk or drive anywhere in America, and chances are high you'll run into a frozen yogurt shop. Fro-yo is often associated with the wellness trends of the mid-aughts, but as Frozen Dessert Supplies notes, a peek into the past shows the low-calorie treat gaining traction as far back as the 1980s. Although it was originally marketed as a nutritional substitute for ice cream, frozen yogurt eventually dropped the health facade for good in favor of sugary-sweet excess and a self-serve model designed for unbridled indulgence. With flavors like cookie dough and fudge brownie adorned with every goodie from the candy counter, who needs ice cream

Since no part of the United States was left untouched by the fro-yo frenzy, you'll find plenty of shops across the country to get your fix. Between the globe-dominating chains to the charming mom-and-pops, we believe there's a frozen yogurt shop for everybody. Let's explore the best frozen yogurt shops you can find in America, one swirl at a time.

Pinkberry -- Los Angeles, California

Popularizing the tart yogurt we know today, Pinkberry is perhaps the most famous fro-yo spot on the planet. The spot founded by Shelly Hwang was a sensation from the moment it opened its doors on Huntley Drive in West Hollywood, drawing long lines and parking tickets at equal levels, per the Los Angeles Times. While those lines have ebbed and flowed over the years, a 2015 acquisition from Cold Stone Creamery's owner, Kahala Brands, promised to give the company's U.S. locations a big boost. 

Enter the sleek yogurt bar for yourself and you'll see why, as HuffPost notes, celebrities have been caught getting their fix over the years. One commenter on Influenster described it as "heaven on Earth," and other reviewers praised the shop's buffet-style toppings station. Many frozen yogurt shops go all in on sickly-sweet fixings, but patrons across the board appreciate Pinkberry's array of lighter options like fruits and nuts. "There is something really refreshing about having fresher and healthier topping options as opposed to sugary candy," one reviewer chimed in. To achieve the ideal Pinkberry treat, Influenster users suggest grabbing the original yogurt and adding cheesecake bites and strawberries or kiwi. 

Olo Dessert Studio -- Albuquerque, New Mexico

When venturing down Route 66 on a hot, sunny day, make sure to stop by Olo Dessert Studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This family-owned business in the Nob Hill neighborhood slings chilly treats with style, where the colorful decor matches the rainbow of toppings available at your disposal. These days, the menu features a full-scale bakery including cakes, pies, and cookies, but the main draw for visitors has always been the yogurt. Flavors draw on local landmarks for inspiration (White Sands Vanilla, Capulin Cake Batter) and mix-ins such as fresh fruit, gummy bears, Pop Tarts, and even red chili powder take your typical soft-serve straight over the top. 

If DIY dessert shops are made for getting creative, it's no wonder Olo Dessert Studio lives up to its name. Quite simply, every element is accounted for to let customers craft the dessert of their dreams. "Many great flavors, and they do a great job of swapping out ones to keep the lineup fresh," gushed one Yelp reviewer, with others chiming in with others calling it the best in its class. If you're looking to beat the heat this summer, check out Olo Dessert Studio.

Wild Honey Frozen Yogurt -- Pensacola, Florida

There are many reasons why Wild Honey Frozen Yogurt's garnered so much buzz. Dubbed the best frozen yogurt joint in the state of Florida by Redbook, they swirl a pretty mean fro-yo. Inside its charming, farmhouse-inspired walls, visitors can load their cups with an endless rotation of flavors and fixings from the bountiful toppings station. Much of the lineup is kosher, gluten-free, and contains little to no fat or sugar, with dairy-free options available for those with dietary needs. And as if that wasn't enough of a selling point, it sells fresh honey made right at home in Pensacola. 

With excellent frozen yogurt and customer service on its side, Wild Honey Frozen Yogurt will please any dessert-lover who stops by. A reviewer on Tripadvisor declared that it's the top fro-yo money can buy, and others praised the whole experience: "We are regular visitors and we love the changing flavors and topping variety. The atmosphere is also just so cheery." 

Yolo Frozen Yogurt & Desserts -- Roslyn, New York

You only live once, as the saying goes, so why not head upstate to try one of the best frozen yogurt shops in America? Yolo Frozen Yogurt & Desserts is tucked away in the cozy town of Roslyn, New York and serves sweet treats of all kinds, including smoothies, shakes, and build-your-own acai bowls. A self-serve yogurt shop where you pay by the weight per its website, customers can enjoy premium, low-fat, non-fat, and even "Only 8," which features 8 calories an ounce. Regardless of the type, Yolo's frozen yogurt is the ideal treat for enjoying on its own or doused in delicious fixings. 

Since flavors rotate on a daily basis, visitors can try something new any time the mood strikes. There's Espresso, Mint Chocolate Chip, Graham Cracker, Peanut Butter, Strawberry Lemonade, Peach, Pistachio, and much more, and all of them can be swirled into a cup or waffle cone. While some Tripadvisor reviews did express disappointment at the limited amount of flavors, we think this can be a positive thing, too. Fewer flavors means fewer agonizing moments trying to decide what flavor to go with, and nobody likes decision paralysis when it gets in the way of enjoying dessert. Yolo's simplicity, along with its high-quality offerings, makes them a winner in our books. Just fill up a cup to go and enjoy a leisurely stroll along the scenic Roslyn Pond for a delightful afternoon. 

Rockie's Frozen Yogurt -- San Diego, California

For some of the best frozen yogurt in America, take a look on the sunny side in California. Rockie's Frozen Yogurt has doled out sky-high swirls to San Diegans out of its single storefront in Linda Vista since the mid-'90s, where it's remained a trusted staple ever since. Nowadays, you'll find a wide variety of shakes, smoothies, acai bowls, and coffee alongside its 16 mainstay flavors, which include Cookies & Cream, Strawberry Shortcake, and Blueberry Pomegranate.

Unlike most DIY yogurt shops where you pay by the ounce, Rockie's treats are sold as is with additional toppings priced at $1.40 a pop. This means the cost of your dessert could skyrocket to the levels of gourmet sundae if you're not careful. However, those reservations are fleeting when you realize that the portions are really, really big. Although Rockie's serves yogurt in sizes Junior to Family, the average yogurt eater will be well-fed on one of the smaller offerings. One reviewer on Yelp ordered the child-sized bowl and still got a heaping serving, so you definitely won't go hungry at Rockie's. 

Arctic Ape Wild Desserts -- San Antonio, Texas

If you have an animal-sized appetite for frozen yogurt, you'll need to get your paws on some from Arctic Ape Wild Desserts. Founder Ron Witcher channeled his two lifelong passions — great apes and great times — into a one-of-a-kind sweet treat destination located in San Antonio, Texas. Per the company website, it has a seal of approval from the International Yogurt Association and the Alaska-based Ice Cream Origin Institute for doling out the creamiest soft-serve imaginable, and one look at its menu shows why. Eighteen flavors, ranging from Vanilla Custard to Strawberry Watermelon Daiquiri, can be found spinning in the machines along with gelato, sorbet, and Italian ice, and that's before getting to the toppings bar. There's candies, nuts, sauces, and other goodies made for piling on with gusto. 

This list is about frozen yogurt, and Arctic Ape has plenty of it. But more importantly, it's also a great spot for anyone who might be craving a treat. So great, in fact,

a reviewer on Restaurant Guru declared, "The best dessert joint in San Antonio." Should you find yourself in the Lone Star State, this is an excellent place to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Menchie's Frozen Yogurt – Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles-based company Menchie's is a frozen yogurt giant. Not only are there hundreds of locations, but there are stores all over the world. It's easy to enjoy this self-serve giant because it's basically everywhere. Menchie's passes the taste test with flying colors, as seen by the rave reviews left by happy customers on Tripadvisor. "Yogurt is rich and creamy, and so worth it," one person gushed, while another called it a "great place for an after dinner treat." Try resisting the temptation of house-made waffle cups and the colorful toppings spread — go on, we dare you.

Watching your sugar intake? There's sugar-free varieties. Lactose intolerant? There's dairy-free and plant-based options just for you, including a new vanilla flavor made with Oatly oat milk. Its flavors are inspired by everything under the sun — decadent desserts, gummy candy, and freshly-picked fruits — that resemble the real thing with startling clarity. In addition to frozen yogurt, Menchie's even offers acai bowls and frozen yogurt cakes for special occasions, like a lower-calorie version of the ever-classic ice cream cake. 

Yogurt Mountain -- Birmingham, Alabama

Though its roots lie in Alabama, Yogurt Mountain has flowed through Texas, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, and Ohio. It offers 16 flavors of yogurt that can be dressed up with an array of mix-ins, which is weighed at the counter where you pay. You wouldn't know from flavors like Cookie Dough and Caramel Pretzel that it's full of nutritional benefits your body needs, such as probiotics and calcium. When you become hooked, make sure to download Yogurt Mountain's app to score envy-inducing discounts on a regular basis. Free birthday yogurt, anyone?

What's more, Yogurt Mountain's undergone an intriguing expansion by the way of bookstores. Per Birmingham Business Journal, Books-A-Million reportedly made a $3 million investment in the self-serve chain in 2010, partly to establish equity and contribute to the brand's growth. A result of the partnership lead to Yogurt Mountain setting up shop inside Books-A-Million stores across the country. We wouldn't have pictured frozen yogurt anywhere near a bookshop, but the thought of devouring the latest bestseller with Strawberry Lemonade Sorbet almost gives drip coffee a run for its money. Almost. 

Yogurt Lab -- Minneapolis, Minnesota

Frozen yogurt might not be rocket science, but it is for the folks over at Yogurt Lab. With 16 flavors churning at a time, the Twin Cities brand has distilled the sweet treat down to its most essential elements, following the science theme down to a periodic table of flavors posted on the walls. Although multiple locations have shuttered over the years, there's two remaining in Woodbury and Maple Grove.

Because you pay by the cup as opposed to weight, customers face no limitations when it comes to designing their dream dessert.  The yogurt lineup balances classic flavors with out-of-the-box ones like Avocado and Red Hots, with a diverse array of add-ons such as Kit Kat Pieces, Green Tea Mochi, Kiwi Boba, and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.  Swirling different flavors together is part of the fun at Yogurt Lab, and the array of options on hand means you won't have the same treat every time. According to one delighted Tripadvisor reviewer, "My friends and I (and all of the other customers) were the proverbial kids in the candy store, dashing from the dispensers to the toppings area, sampling and squealing in delight." Should you find yourself in the Twin Cities anytime soon, you'll want to include Yogurt Lab on your list. 

Yogurtini -- Tempe, Arizona

Frozen yogurt is made for summertime strolls, and with locations spanning Arizona, Nebraska, Kansas, and Qatar, Yogurtini dollops on the sweetness wherever it goes. Its menu features premium, non-fat, dairy-free, sugar-free, and plant-based varieties that can be dressed up with add-ons ranging from fresh fruit and granola to crushed up cookie pieces, per Taste Atlas. Although the machines never whirl beyond 16 flavors at a time, Yogurtini rotates them so you can jazz up your dessert on each visit. In any case, it's hard to feel bored when 65+ toppings are in arm's reach and all of them are delicious (Oreo's, Teddy Grahams, need we go on?)

The beauty of Yogurtini lies in its customizable nature. Like most yogurt bars of its ilk, customers only pay for the amount of overall food they purchase. This pay-by-the-ounce system lets them take the reins on the dessert experience they crave at any moment in time, which is the cherry on top of eating it in the first place. We're smitten by Yogurtini's sleek aesthetic and bountiful array of edible goodness swirling inside its shops, and if you love frozen yogurt, you'll love Yogurtini. Though the original Tempe, Arizona, location is no longer open, you can still visit any of the remaining brick-and-mortar shops for soft-serve bliss. 

The Bigg Chill -- Los Angeles, California

Towering cones of soft-serve define The Bigg Chill, the crown jewel of Los Angeles' frozen yogurt scene and one of the best frozen yogurt shops in America. Like moths to a flame, Angelenos have hit up the sweet shop for well over two decades, both for its creamy confections and celebrity sightings, per Taste Atlas. It offers fat-free, dairy-free, and low-carb options that regularly rotate three days a week, along with a bakery menu including muffins and edible cookie dough.

As far as flavors go, there's a dozen varieties to choose from including fan favorites like Vanilla Custard, Honey Greek, and Chill Berry although any of the flavors would please a litany of fro-yo enthusiasts. For an unbeatable flavor combination, LA Weekly suggests grabbing a mix of vanilla custard and cake batter. Fun is at the heart of The Bigg Chill's appeal. The yogurt is generously piled high and dazzles the taste buds, and the quality has remained impressive at a fair price point.From the frosty swirls of yogurt bedazzled in sprinkles to the Instagram-worthy sign, we can't think of a more cheerful place to enjoy a creamy treat in West LA, let alone the USA. 

Peachwave Frozen Yogurt -- Edmond, Oklahoma

It's possible self-serve yogurt bars wouldn't have exploded across the country the way they did without the help of Peachwave, the frozen yogurt franchise born in 2009 and eventually purchased by franchise owner and now-CEO Boyd Feltman, per Michigan Live. Boasting low-fat desserts in the form of yogurt cups, shakes, and smoothies, customers can build the sweet treat of their dreams from an arsenal of fresh ingredients. Feel free to pile on those sour gummies or chocolates as you please, since four ounces of the stuff contains 140 calories.

Not only is Peachwave a sweet place to chill with friends, it's also great for doing business. As its own website asserts, Peachwave franchisees are not required to pay any fees should they desire to run a Peachwave store of their own, which makes it a great opportunity for the budding entrepreneur wanting to make it in the dessert scene. If franchising has been on your wish list, why not get in business with one of the best frozen yogurt shops around, never mind in the USA? 

Yogurtology --Tampa, Florida

South Tampa might be known for its charming neighborhoods and ample boutiques, but it's also where you'll find one of the sweetest yogurt spots in America. Despite its sciency-sounding name, the formula at Yogurtology is fairly simple: using a pay-by-the-ounce system, customers can fill up cups with the ingredients of their choosing and weigh it at the counter during payment. Toppings cover the usual suspects like candies and fruit, but Yogurtology offers a unique twist with full-sized baked goods you can slip at the bottom of your cup called "bottomings." Basically dessert a la mode, but in fro-yo form. 

Judging by the four-and-a-half star average on Yelp, it's clear people love Yogurtology. Between its versatile offerings and pleasant ambiance, many find themselves coming back for the experience time and time again. "Whenever I come to Tampa (or Orlando) I MUST stop in for some frozen heaven," a reviewer raved, while others chimed in on the deliciousness of the flavors. One commenter was so smitten with the Horchata flavor, for example, that they ended up popping into a location to eat it for dinner when they discovered it was on tap that day. "Keep it up," they implored, "you have a huge fan in me!" 

The Fuzzy Peach -- Wilmington, North Carolina

If you're craving a playful dollop of fro-yo for dessert, be sure to give The Fuzzy Peach a try. Although it's owned by Colorado-based yogurt company U-Swirl, The Fuzzy Peach has only four locations in the United States, and all of them reside in North Carolina, which is good news for residents of the Tar Heel State and bad news for everybody else. Nevertheless, fro-yo fans will be delighted to know it meets the standards of any frozen yogurt bar around with free samples, inventive flavors, and fixings by the bucket that are customizable and dependent on one's appetite for yogurt. 

Sugar cravings aside, there's a lot to love about The Fuzzy Peach. It's a great gathering place for all ages, especially young children. One reviewer on Tripadvisor found joy in the plentiful indoor and outdoor seating, as well as the board games provided by the store. "They reward kids with free froyo for good grades and are a gem in our little community," they gushed. Just one of the reasons The Fuzzy Peach ranks among the nation's best frozen yogurt shops. 

16 Handles -- New York City

Manhattan's East Village got a little sweeter when Solomon Choi launched 16 Handles (get it?), an all-you-can-eat frozen yogurt bar in 2008. As the first self-serve shop in the City That Never Sleeps, its place on our list is more than deserved. Creamy soft-serve, fun toppings, and hip dwellings are the winning trifecta at the dozens of locations spooning the East Coast. If you're seeing green at the thought of missing out on this chain, keep in mind that RestaurantNews.com reported MGH Advertising, Inc., a Baltimore-based marketing firm, clinched a partnership with the yogurt chain this year with plans to expand its reach outside the Atlantic. So there's hope for us yet.

As you probably guessed, 16 Handles churns, yes, 16 flavors at a time, but just because there's a numerical limit doesn't mean there's no variety. There's some for the fruit-lovers (Blackberry Addiction), the tried-and-true favorites (Fudge Brownie, Cookie Dough Ice Cream), and concoctions you won't find at the usual strip mall yogurt bars like Sweet Taro Pie. Add in its rewards program, and you've got all the justification you need to hit up one of America's best. 

Monster Yogurt -- Dallas, Texas

"Makes you want to be a kid again" is how one reviewer on Tripadvisor lauded Monster Yogurt, and we think that absolutely nails it. Although primarily geared towards children, the Dallas-based dessert bar has plenty for adults to indulge in, with a yogurt/topping ratio that exceeds 200 choices, per Monster Yogurt's website. If you think that's scary, just wait until you find out there's only 100 calories in a four-ounce serving. Believe us, you won't be able to resist combinations like Pecan Praline, Island Banana, or Thin Mint Cookies. 

As seen on its website, Monster Yogurt provides kid-friendly amenities, including rentals for birthday parties and celebrations. One of its finest perks is its magnificent play area aptly called the Monster Cave. It's where little ones can go to burn off some sugar-induced energy while the adults in the room kick back and relax. Families might be the main demographic, but fro-yo is fro-yo at the end of the day, and Monster Yogurt whips it up with style. Find them for your tasting pleasure in Dallas or Richardson. 

Culture: An American Yogurt Company —Brooklyn, New York

Culture: An American Yogurt Company is not your average frozen yogurt joint. Based in Brooklyn's Park Slope neighborhood, it trades excess for restraint by using house-made Greek yogurt with a topping selection that's carefully curated by its mastermind Chef Jenny. TimeOut and The Village Voice are among its ardent fans who can't get enough of its tart, artisanal excellence, and for that matter, neither can we. Between its fresh ingredients and clever concoctions, Brooklynites across the board agree Culture is a must for fans of tart frozen yogurt. 

Visitors are free to choose the toppings they want, but it's the seasonal combinations foodies flock to whenever they get the chance. Two of the menu highlights, judging from the Yelp page, are Vermont Maple and Key Lime Pie, with the latter featuring crumbled graham crackers atop a dollop of lime custard and lime syrup. It's the classic dessert transformed into a creamy treat that's portable — perfect for strolling through Park Slope on a summer day. Treats from Culture can go over $6 which definitely overrides many of the frozen yogurt shops on our list. But as one Yelp reviewer insists, you get what you pay for because mix-ins are added at the top and bottom of your cup. 

Sweet Yo's Frozen Yogurt -- Grand Rapids, Michigan

Michiganders with a sweet tooth know where to go when the craving hits, and that's Sweet Yo's Frozen Yogurt. Up to a dozen yogurt flavors can be found spinning at its locations in Grand Rapids, Forest Hills, and Grandville complete with a self-serve model that puts customers in the driver's seat. Tantalizing toppings range from hearty granola to baked goods, which can be poured out of wall-mounted dispensers or from a buffet-style table spread. You won't taste the same thing every day because Sweet Yo's manages to rotate the lineup on the daily, per its Facebook page. 

Customers adore Sweet Yo's self-serve format and tasty selection of fixings, with Tripadvisor reviewers raving over Salted Caramel Popcorn and NY Cheesecake in particular. And if you wish to try multiple flavors, the shop provides a nifty little feature for doing so. "One of the best things is the cup divider so your flavors don't get mixed together – great idea!," one reviewer wrote. Whether you're seeking a light snack or decadent dessert, Sweet Yo's is capable of delivering on both. Come try this dreamy dessert shop for yourself the next time you're in the Great Lakes region. 

Let's Yo! Yogurt -- Montclair, New Jersey

It's hard not to feel giddy at the sight of chilled treats loaded with goodies, which is what's in store for you when stepping inside Let's Yo! Yogurt. The self-proclaimed "yogurt experience" resides in Montclair, New Jersey with full-scale yogurt machines and enough toppings to make your head spin. Tart and premium flavors reigns supreme, but customers can cool off with various kinds of ice cream, custard, and sorbet. It also houses a generously-stocked toppings bar that features breakfast cereals, cookies, and whipped cream that's apparently made in house, per Yelp. 

Let's Yo!'s yogurt has basically everything you could want in a frozen yogurt. It's rich and sweet, with a creamy mouthfeel designed for dressing up to one's preferences. Visitors have also commented on the shop's welcoming atmosphere and friendly customer service towards everyone who comes in. "Staff was very friendly and patient with my little nieces," a pleased Yelp reviewer wrote. Although the pandemic has affected the self-serve procedure to an extent, Let's Yo! remains a great spot to snag some fro-yo with friends or family. They also have neighboring locations in Hamilton and Marlboro. 

Golden Spoon -- Mission Viejo, California

Melt-in-your-mouth yogurt and creative flavors make Golden Spoon one of the West Coast's most enduring sweet treat destinations, and that reason alone makes it a worthy addition to our list. Golden Spoon first hit the scene in 1983 serving the finest, freshly-made yogurt in the region. This frozen yogurt resembles its higher-calorie cousin ice cream due to its silky, whipped texture, and flavors like Banana Cream Pie and Peanut Butter Cup certainly reinforce that. Repeat visitors can take advantage of punch cards offering a free yogurt after eight purchases, which won't take much convincing after sampling your first bite, per Tripadvisor.

The fact that Golden Spoon's yogurt is all natural and made on site tells us everything we need to know about its quality. Pet-owners will be happy to know its dog-friendly according to BringFido, so grab a seat outdoors and soak up the sun — and fro-yo — at one of California's brightest spots. "A delicious experience!" one Tripadvisor reviewer exclaimed. "You won't be disappointed," another one wrote. Per its website it's expanded to almost 20 shops in California and Arizona, so those on the West Coast won't want to miss out. 

Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt -- Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

When the frozen yogurt craze overtook America, Orange Leaf was the bright-orange beacon leading the way to culinary freedom. The Oklahoma-based chain was established in 2008, but it wasn't until 2013 that IBISWorld declared it the biggest frozen yogurt business churning away at the time. Customers will feel like kids in a candy store as they peruse dozens of flavors and heap on the fruits, nuts, candies, and other delights fit for the taking. That's before mentioning the other confections Orange Leaf whips up in its kitchens such as refreshing smoothies and creamy shakes. 

At one point, Orange Leaf dominated the dessert circuit with over 200 shops around the country, per a 2013 press release. Nowadays, you'll have to search harder to find an Orange Leaf in your area, as the chain's downgraded over the last decade, as seen by closures in Kentucky and Indiana. Nevertheless, you can find them standing strong in Idaho, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Tennessee, and many others, with the majority of them in Texas.

Forty Carrots -- New York City

If you feel like treating yourself in the Big Apple, you'll want to stop by Forty Carrots in Bloomingdale's. The upscale department store has housed this delightful cafe since the 1970s, and since then it's become something of a local legend for its salad bar bites and infamous frozen yogurt.  Patrons over the years have sung its praises; one patron told The New York Times in 2004 that the eatery was "sort of like a religious retreat.” Suffice to say, there's big feelings all around for it. Though the original Forty Carrots is at New York's 59th Street, locations have cropped up in Chicago, New Jersey, and Miami.

Go light or heavy-handed — at the self-serve machines, the world is your oyster. According to Gayot, the mainstays are chocolate, coffee, and vanilla, but its simplicity can be jazzed up with chocolate chips, sprinkles, gummy bears, and granola, as noted by the New York Times. Don't be fooled by the deceptively slim portions; one Yelp reviewer was delighted to find that a small cup contained enough to sustain multiple people, and then some. Sophisticated and a little ritzy, it's the ideal cooldown after an afternoon of window-shopping. 

Shy Giant Frozen Yogurt -- Seattle, Washington

Seattle's Pike Place Market is a treasure trove for the senses, harboring seafood, doughnuts, and even frozen yogurt. Shy Giant has been in the fro-yo business since 1972, offering a slew of chilled sweet treats to passersby exploring the historic institution. According to Pike Place Market's website, Shy Giant's specialty is the tart variety featuring a tangy, less refined taste that's less common at typical self-serve spots, but no less sumptuous on the tongue. The menu features other things besides yogurt, including heavenly banana splits, shakes, and ice cream scooped into homemade cones. Home-spun with plenty of character, there's a lot to love about it. 

To no one's surprise, a booth like Shy Giant does really well with the locals and tourists who come through the market. Besides its delectable array of treats, reviewers across the board adore the "friendly" staff serving up the sweets. Feel free to taste-test some flavors before committing. As one Tripadvisor user said of Shy Giant, "We were able to sample a few different kinds of ice cream before we purchased, and the employees were so nice about it." Whatever brings you out West, make sure it includes a stop at Shy Giant. 

Yogurtland -- Irvine, California

Founded by Phillip Chang in 2006, Yogurtland remains one of the biggest frozen yogurt chains around with stores all over the globe. It's received high praise from Entrepreneur Magazine and Newsweek for being a successful franchise, and one can certainly credit that success to its use of natural ingredients and booming franchising opportunities. But the main draw will always and forever be its killer fro-yo. Yogurtland's flavors include classics like Dutch Chocolate, French Vanilla, and Strawberry Banana join unexpected combinations like Maple Donut, Black Forest Cake, and Cotton Candy, and that's before even getting to the explosion of fixings. 

Because of the infinite possibilities, yogurt fans won't struggle to concoct something delicious. Take one Influenster reviewer's suggestion, for example, that involves vanilla and strawberry yogurt topped with real strawberry slices, cheesecake bites, and Fruity Pebbles cereal. There's also the immaculately-kept toppings bar that another commenter noted is refreshed often, leaving behind no unappealing or soggy tidbits in the bins. As another Influenster user recounted, "One time the raspberries were mushy and one of the workers swapped them for fresher ones without me asking." Yogurtland ticks all the boxes for delicious soft-serve, as well as the best frozen yogurt in the USA. 

Yumilicious Frozen Yogurt -- Dallas, Texas

Downtown Dallas is known for its sprawl of restaurants, so it makes a lot of sense that Yumilicious would get its start there. Opening at the height of the fro-yo boom in 2008, it immediately set itself apart for its unique flavors and rich, high-quality swirls as a result of hormone-free dairy. Sample from a dozen varieties on tap before loading your cup with toppings galore at any of its 10 locations in the state of Texas. 

"My weekly dessert spot!" one Yelp reviewer exclaimed, and it's not hard to see why with the constantly shifting flavors available. Your tastebuds will be singing after trying some of the more unusual flavors on tap like Peach Habanero, Bananas Foster, and Avocado, although Irish Mint and Salted Caramel never fail to please a crowd. Despite the fact that Yumilicious was conceived on American shores, there's no doubt the taste for frozen yogurt is international: Yumilicious' website notes that there's new locations on the horizon for Mexico.