Jennifer Eager

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Riverhead, NY
Drew University
Lifestyle, Cooking, Parenting
  • A lifelong lover of food, Jennifer has been cooking and baking since childhood. When she moved into her current home, she was thrilled to discover a shelf of cookbooks from the 1950s until she realized that every recipe revolved around canned soup, Cool Whip, and freeze dried onions. She donated those away and dedicated her culinary life to Pinterest, Tik Tok, and various foodie sites, even if she never quite follows the recipes.
  • Over the course of 20 years, Jennifer homeschooled her four children, three of them K-12. Together they made plenty of messes in the kitchen, trying recipes from around the world and trying to outdo one another with desserts. She is happy to say that all her kids make homemade bread, can make anything from scratch, and love trying new cuisines.
  • Jennifer has performed in, directed, or produced more than two dozen shows in local community theaters since 2011, and considers this hobby a boon to her writing. The experience gained from all the emotions, experiences, and people involved with a production has taught her more about humanity, organization, and research than anything since parenting and learning how to be an effective homeschooling mom.


Jennifer has been freelancing since 2014, but it was only when her youngest daughter decided to attend public high school that she focused on it fully. She has written copy and content for dozens of websites. She prides herself on her researching abilities and if she doesn't know about a topic, she'll delve in and learn about it. She considers herself an eclectic freelancer, having written for digital marketing agencies, blogs, and businesses about homeschooling, parenting, health, wellness, food, interior design, cannabis, travel, pets, sexuality, beauty, fashion, nonprofits, and copy for e-commerce sites.


Jennifer graduated from Drew University with her Bachelor of Arts in English literature and minors in sociology and theater. She also completed copywriting courses through the American Writers & Artist Institute and Comprehensive Copywriting Academy.
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