Instagram Is Divided Over Costco's Mini Raspberry Cakes

Who doesn't love cake? Whether it's a special occasion or you simply have the urge to indulge in something sweet, the spongy baked good always hits the spot no matter how you slice it. And while we certainly wouldn't mind having Duff Goldman or Buddy Valastro whip us up a three-tiered masterpiece whenever a cake craving comes on, we also can't deny that stores like Costco do a pretty good job with the delectable treat, as well. Costco sheet cakes have long brought the big-box retailer's bakery praise, though its cake offerings hardly stop there. Shoppers on Reddit also raved about the grocer's Tuxedo cake, and who could forget its gone-but-never-forgotten All-American Chocolate Cake that was discontinued in 2020 but resurrected in a mini form last year.

Needless to say, the Costco bakery has earned quite a reputation for producing delicious cakes. Therefore, when Instagram user @costco_doesitagain spotted a new version of the beloved dessert at their local warehouse, they didn't think twice about sharing it with their followers on the social media platform. "Mini Raspberry Cakes $8.99," the Instagrammer captioned a photo on Saturday, June 11 showing off the plastic clamshell-encased cakes that come six to a pack. Per Eat This, Not That!, the treats consist of raspberry jelly-filled vanilla cake topped with a pink buttercream frosting and white chocolate shavings. But while that certainly sounds like a mouthwatering combination, it seems that not all Costco members are pleased with the bakery's latest creation.

Some Costco shoppers say the frosting is too sweet

Many Costco shoppers were thrilled to see the grocer's Mini Snickerdoodle Cakes back in the bakery earlier this year. Likewise, its raspberry cookies are another fan-favorite treat that shoppers love snacking. Therefore, when the grocer decided to combine elements of the two desserts into one confection known as the Mini Raspberry Cake, it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise that several patrons found the treat to be a hit. "They are like raspberry-flavored wedding cake — and that is the highest compliment I can possibly give to them," one fan wrote on Reddit. "THESE ARE SO GOOD!!!" quipped another shopper on Instagram.

Unfortunately, not all Costco members think these mini cakes live up to the hype. In response to Instagram user @costco_doesitagain's post about the Mini Raspberry Cakes, several shoppers took to the comments section to vent about the treat. "Don't be fooled these are not even good," an Instagrammer wrote. "So bad. Had to throw them out. Yuck," another user shared. Several took issue with the lack of actual berries in the dessert while others ranted about the buttercream frosting, which one Instagram user said was "ridiculously sweet." To combat this, a Redditor said they only eat half of a cake at a time, which will not only cut down on the sweetness but can also make the pack last longer. We'd call that a win, win!