Little Caesars' NFL Announcement Has People Hoping For More Pizza Deals

Food and football are practically synonymous. Who doesn't like a tray of party food made specially for game day? In fact, according to the USDA, the Super Bowl is the United States' second biggest eating day of the year. Americans are in it to win it when it comes to all that eating, typically consuming "300 million gallons of beer, 28 million pounds of chips, and a mind-boggling 1.42 billion chicken wings" for the occasion, says the World Food Program USA. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Game-viewers also like to eat a lot of pizza. How much pizza gets eaten during the Super Bowl? Around 12.5 million pies, per the American Pizza Community.

In short, people really, really like their 'za. The Washington Post reports that Americans chow down on about 3 billion pizzas per year. Just the thought all that chewy crust piled with cheese, sauce, pepperoni, mushrooms, and whatever else you like may get your taste buds tingling. That's exactly why some NFL fans may be excited about a new partnership it recently announced with Little Caesars.

A game-winning partnership?

Per a press release, Little Caesars and the NFL are about to become BFFs — well, kind of. Little Caesars, whose claims to fame are its square-shaped pizzas and being the "third largest pizza chain in the world," has become the official pizza sponsor of the NFL amid a new multi-year deal. The release also notes that the two organizations will be doing some charitable work together to support communities experiencing food insecurity and homelessness, including some assistance in conjunction with the 2024 NFL Draft happening in Detroit.

Social media users are thrilled with the new friendship, hoping it turns into game-day love in the form of pizza deals. Responding to Little Caesars' tweet about the partnership, one user wrote, "Can't wait to crush Detroit-style deep dishes every Sunday." Another suggested, "any time a team goes for and converts a 2pt conversion, the next day make a 'Going for Two' special that will tag on an extra pizza (so you get 2) for just $2 more dollars," adding that such a deal would bring them to the chain "all week." (Little Caesars replied to their idea with a laughing-crying emoji, so we aren't sure that one is going to happen.) One fan had a different request: "Good for you guys! Now bring back the football shaped pizza please!?" The pizza chain responded, "Who knows what the future holds?"