This Is How Much Pizza Gets Eaten During The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl may allegedly be all about football, but for many of us, it's really about the bowls — bowls filled with our favorite game day snacks, that is. In fact, other than Thanksgiving, the Super Bowl is the day of the year when Americans consume the largest quantities of food (via Forbes). People eat about 11.2 million pounds of chips every year during the big game, and our sports-fueled cravings for guacamole basically revitalized the avocado industry in the '90s. According to a Mashed survey, chicken wings are the most popular Super Bowl food, but pizza wasn't too far behind, taking second place in the poll.

So, just how many pizzas get eaten on Super Bowl Sunday? According to The American Pizza Community, more than 12.5 millions pizzas are ordered for the big game. Dominos alone sells 11 million slices of pizza on Super Bowl Sunday, and in 2021, Pizza Hut reported selling more than 1.4 million pizzas the same day (via Fansided). But why do so many people order pizza on Super Bowl Sunday?

Pizza is the ultimate Super Bowl snack

The American Pizza Community points out a few things that make pizza the ideal game day snack. For one, it's a food most people already love, with 94% of Americans reporting that they eat pizza at least once a month, at an average of 46 slices per person per year. Pizza is also already cut into eight or so portions, which makes it ideal for sharing in a group, especially if you're glued to the couch and don't want to have to bother with silverware or plates.

Another possible reason? Though pepperoni is the most popular pizza topping, there are actually 34 million different ways to order a pizza, thanks to the endless combinations of toppings to choose from. That means it's easy to get something everyone will like. If you decide to order a pizza this Super Bowl Sunday, just be aware of one thing: orders peak about an hour before kick-off, so plan yours carefully to avoid long delays. Nothing's worse than watching your favorite team start to lose while you also have a grumbling tummy!