Why Dollar Tree Should Be Your Go-To For Summer BBQ Supplies

With the offical start of summer just a few days away, we are entering the season of pool parties, family reunions, and day parties. While all of those are great, one summer tradition stands above the rest, a great American barbecue. However, when it comes to hosting barbecues, the cost can rack up pretty quickly, and with inflation reaching record highs, most people are hoping to save money whenever possible. That's why we suggest stopping by your local Dollar Tree as a great place to get all your barbecue essentials at a great price.

Although recent times have forced Dollar Tree to raise their prices from $1.00 to $1.25, much to the disdain of their fanatics (according to CNN Business), they still tend to be an affordable alternative for certain goods compared to their big-box competitors like Walmart and Target. With these savings, you'll have more money to invest in the show's true stars– the food and beverages. Let's explore what barbecue items are a steal at Dollar Tree.

Buying quality at Dollar Tree

According to Kiplinger, some of the best deals on everyday items are at your neighborhood Dollar Tree. From greeting cards, picture frames, office supplies, and even pregnancy tests, the store is filled with quality bargain items. Are you planning a picnic or a barbecue? Let's discuss what things you should grab. 

Regarding barbecues, many of the items purchased are only being used for that day. Therefore, it doesn't make sense to spend more at other stores for the same or similar quality items. For example, Walmart sold a 48-count of Great Value assorted cutlery for $3.24. Meanwhile, Dollar Tree was also selling a 48 count of forks, knives, and spoons, but for only $1.25. So grab yourself some disposable utensils, a tablecloth, some decorations, paper cups, and paper plates. This will ensure easier cleanup as no dishes will have to be done. Lastly, another savings hack is to grab your condiments from the Dollar Store as they tend to be a few cents cheaper than at stores like Kroger. 

While we have discussed what items are great to purchase from the Dollar Tree, be sure to review what items may be dangerous to buy from the Dollar Store before you go.