Are Costco's Twisted Frozen Yogurts Alcoholic?

Costco, known for its wholesale prices and massive quantities, is one of the United States' most profitable supermarkets — it did a whopping $122 billion in sales in 2021, per Supermarket News. For that reason, it's no surprise that it has somewhat of a cult following.

When a new product launches, fans are quick to try it out. Back in February, the retailer released a new mason jar dessert sold exclusively at its stores, which featured chocolate cake-like treats that came in a small jar. And last September, the chain released mango chile popsicles, which gave consumers a healthy dessert option with sweet and savory flavors.

In summer 2021, the retailer introduced its Twisted Frozen Yogurt line. Though they've been around for a while, they're still getting noticed — but maybe not for the right reasons. Rather, some consumers are confused as to whether or not this sweet Costco treat contains alcohol.

Don't worry, Costco's Twisted Froyo is kid-friendly

If you're someone who questioned whether Costco's frozen yogurt was "twisted" in the alcohol sense, then you're not alone. The term is commonly used to refer to an otherwise normal food or beverage being given an alcoholic "twist." For example, the popular brand Twisted Tea is essentially iced tea with alcohol. For that reason, customers were confused as to whether the fro-yo was spiked — but it's not.

Back in April, TikToker @floridamomof3 posted a review of the frozen yogurt line, and fans were shocked to learn the treat doesn't contain alcohol. "I thought they were alcoholic until you said for kid's party's [sic]," one user wrote. The comment had earned a whopping 3,500 likes as of press time. A few other TikTok users replied to the comment saying they're "glad" they weren't the only ones who made the mistake.

While Costco might not sell boozy fro-yo, it could be a treat of the future. According to the International Frozen Yogurt Association, fro-yo and soft-serve manufacturers have been toying with the idea of alcoholic shakes and smoothies.