Costco Shoppers Are Obsessed With These Low-Fat Frozen Yogurts

If you love ice cream but want to focus on eating healthier, frozen yogurt provides the solution you need. According to Healthline, frozen yogurt contains a slew of probiotics that traditional ice cream lacks, while also generally containing less fat. If you love this health-conscious dessert, but have been searching for a fresh product to satisfy your sweet tooth, Costco has a new treat you'll definitely want to indulge in.

Instagrammer @costcobuys recently discovered a brand-new frozen yogurt treat in the wholesaler's aisles. In one of their latest posts, they shared a box of Twisted frozen yogurt cups, with the caption: "@TwistedHealthyTreats are back in midwest Costco warehouses (MN, IL, MI) with their AMAZING frozen yogurt treats! This 18-mini tub variety pack comes with Double Choc Mint yogurt, Strawberry Shortbread yogurt, and Sea Salt Caramel & Vanilla Bean yogurt! These are made with real probiotic yogurt, plus I just love how these are low calorie and low in sugar but still taste SO darn good! ($12.99)."

The post has so far garnered over 3,000 likes and if this news has you excited, don't think you're alone. A ton of glowing replies have streamed in demanding the product, like "OMG I NEED," and "I want!!!!!" If you're already thrilled about these frozen desserts, just wait until you hear more about the brand!

Why are people so excited to try Twisted frozen yogurt?

This fun new Costco find can inspire a ton of excitement for good reason. According to Twisted, the Australian brand promotes a dessert any frozen yogurt fan can get behind, as its products' ingredients can help support your immune system, feature 100 percent natural ingredients, and contain a minimal amount of fat, all while tasting great! While the brand features a few other flavors at stores in Australia, its appearance at Costco marks its new foray into North American markets, and if you buy this new dessert pack, you can grab all three flavors that Twisted currently serves up in America (via Twisted).

Ice cream fanatics and froyo lovers alike will both appreciate these low-fat frozen yogurt treats available at Costco, which will most certainly satisfy any craving. But with such a positive response from buyers, it's best you don't sleep on this new item.