Gordon Ramsay Called A Unique Take On Beef Wellington A 'Hot Mess'

The celebrated chef and the judge of numerous cooking show competitions, Gordon Ramsay, is a notoriously busy man. Seriously, when was the last time you've missed him and wondered where he is or what he's doing now? The man is almost everywhere we turn our eyes and "always near food," as his Twitter bio says. Nowadays, we can watch Ramsay judge the dishes from those contestants who didn't make it to the finals of past seasons, and now want to redeem themselves in "MasterChef: Back to Win" (per FOX). 

The chef also recently appeared in "The Savoy," a documentary about a luxury hotel in Britain, in which he opens a new restaurant after the pandemic (via IMDB). And with all that work, Gordon Ramsay still has the time to react to our videos on TikTok — you simply post a cooking video on TikTok and hope that Ramsay will rate your culinary creation with the accompanying hashtag #ramsayreacts. And now, the three Michelin Star-chef called a weird take on beef Wellington a "hot mess." But how come? Did this beef Wellington recipe make Gordon Ramsay cry?

Gordon Ramsay was appalled when he saw the making of hot dog Wellington

Ramsay's relationship with the classic dish called Beef Wellington is long and unusual. In "Hell's Kitchen," the dish was a staple and a favorite on the show, although the contestants had many trial-and-error situations until they got it right. The chef also designed a Christmas Beef Wellington recipe that was included in his cookbook "Ramsay in 10" (via YouTube). 

Now, Ramsay has reacted to TikTok user @kyleistook's take on the classic dish. The TikTok user mashed a few hot dog wieners in a mortar, placed the mashed meat over bologna rounds, topped it with two grilled hot dogs and a squeeze of yellow mustard, and wrapped the whole thing in cling film. Two elongated bread rolls are then split in half, laid down and flattened, topped with the unwrapped meaty concoction, brushed with whisked eggs, rolled, and baked in the oven. Once cut, this unholy take on beef Wellington has two hot dogs visible in the cross-section. Weird.

As expected, Ramsay's reaction was not "yum" or "delicious." Instead, he cried out his usual "no, no, no" and "stop it," but we can't blame the man because a hot dog Wellington just doesn't look appetizing. So instead, we suggest making a traditional beef Wellington with beef, mushroom duxelles, and puff pastry. Just don't be intimidated because it's not as complicated as it might seem at first.