Hailey Bieber's Viral Pizza Toast May Be The Next Gigi Hadid Pasta

While there seems to be a new viral TikTok food trend every week, they become even bigger obsessions when it is a celebrity food reveal. Who didn't obsess over that Gigi Hadid spicy vodka pasta? Whether it is a "just like us" moment or just remembering that celebrities actually do eat food, everyone wants to recreate these simple recipe ideas in their home kitchen. And thanks to model Hailey Bieber, the next TikTok food trend is already proving itself a slice above the local pizzeria. 

Hailey's viral pizza toast recipe is just one in a long line of toast trends. Perhaps the original toast trend, which started as a bougie brunch idea, is now everywhere, as even Dunkin serves up avocado toast. Then came the colorful, sugary princess toast. Even Good Morning America shared another TikTok toast trend, yogurt toast, that proves no one is loafing around with these trending toast recipes.

Although no one can truly pinpoint why toast recipes get people so excited, maybe this latest craze comes down to craving pizza flavors but not wanting to meet the delivery guy in your pajamas. 

How do you make Hailey Bieber's viral pizza toast?

With everyone buzzing about Hailey's Bieber's viral pizza toast (shown above) on TikTok, it begs the question, how easy is it to make? As one TikTok account commented, "I never thought I'd learn how to make pizza toast from THE Hailey Bieber but I'm here for it." Like many TikTok trends, this recipe idea is really just a handful of ingredients. As seen on the video, a slice of bread is buttered on each side, drizzled with truffle oil, and toasted. From there, it is smothered with burrata, topped with a tomato and some marinara, and roasted in the oven. To finish the pizza toast, it is drizzled with more truffle oil, topped with grated parmesan, and sprinkled with herbs.

Although Bieber's version might seem a little elevated with the truffle oil and burrata, home cooks could modify this recipe a little. A great olive oil could work in place of the truffle oil. And, mozzarella could be swapped for the burrata. Basically, there are many ways to customize this food hack. 

Whether it is the simplicity of the recipe, the person who made it, or just a craving for pizza flavors, pizza toast will be filling the table. But there are questions that have been left unanswered with this latest food trend. How thick should that bread be and does the type of bread matter? It seems that there could be more food twists sliced from this TikTok trend.