Why TikTok Loved Padma Lakshmi And Her Daughter Enjoying Hawaiian Noodles

One of the biggest ways social media has changed our modern times is its ability to allow us to interact with people over great distances. A side effect of this comes from changing how we contact celebrities, in lieu of writing fan mail we can simply tag them in a post. The age of social media has brought the average person even closer to their favorite celebs than was even possible before, giving us glimpses into their everyday lives. Nowadays, many celebrities even run their own social media accounts, including Padma Lakshmi.

Lakshmi is perhaps best known for her role hosting "Top Chef." She began on Bravo's cooking competition in 2006 and earned two Emmy nominations for her work, and has also won a Critic's Choice Award for her Hulu original "Taste of the Nation" (per Bravo TV). She also runs her TikTok account, @padmalakshmi, where she posts a combination of recipes, cooking tips, and vlogs of her everyday life to nearly 80,000 followers, including one of a lunch that has captured the hearts of TikTokers.

Hawaiian noodles and bonding time

The TikTok in question is a short video detailing Lakshmi's trip to Hamura Saimin, a small noodle restaurant in Kauai whose primary claim to fame is saimin, a Hawaiian dish similar to ramen (per Onolicious Hawai'i). Lakshmi took her daughter, Krishna, and the pair split lunch and narrating duties as they ate two bowls of noodle soup and a slice of lilikoi (passion fruit) pie.

TikTokers adored the video. It currently has more than 280,000 views and nearly 20,000 likes with multiple commenters expressing their enjoyment of the video. Many of them were happy to see the celebrity chef using her status and reach on the platform to highlight small businesses, with some locals agreeing with Lakshmi that it's a wonderful place. Others chimed in with glee over seeing Krishna helping Lakshmi with the voice-over, with one user noting that "Krishna is a future food host star" based on her performance in the video.

While this is hardly the first of Lakshmi's mother-daughter video's the internet has gone ga-ga over, we can't help but adore it nevertheless.