KFC Just Made It Easier Than Ever To Enjoy Its Famous Sides

KFC has always seen itself as an "innovator" of fried chicken. If Colonel Sanders could revolutionize fried chicken with those original 11 herbs and spices back in 1939, why not carry on his legacy? Sometimes these contemporary innovations are so bizarre they actually loop back around to being sensible, while other times they're just downright odd.

Take, for example, KFC's fried chicken ice cream. This seasoned soft-serve, according to ChewBoom, was vanilla ice cream "infused with the brand's secret recipe herbs and spices along with bits of candied fried chicken skin" in a "cornbread cone infused KFC gravy flavoring." This chicken-y treat was only available in the summer of 2019 before it melted away back into the deep-fried annals of KFC history.

KFC has even tried to reinvent the chicken sandwich, replacing the common toasted buns with two fried pieces of chicken and dubbing this creation the "Double Down." An NPR staff member's review of this unconventional sandwich noted that the Double Down was "rewriting the rules of lunch. And of sandwiches. We're going to replace peanut butter and jelly with chicken and chicken." Needless to say, it's clear that KFC isn't just content with letting fried chicken be fried chicken.

The chicken chain's newest innovation doesn't reinvent the sandwich or add fried chicken skin to ice cream. Instead, the marketing team at KFC wants to change the way you think about finger food.

KFC is giving away finger sporks

When you order a KFC Famous Bowl, you may also receive a spork to eat it with. This ingenious combination of spoon and fork is already noteworthy enough as it is, but KFC has taken the novelty of using a spork one step further. You can now wear them on your fingers.

According to a press release, KFC's "finger sporks" are smaller versions of the classic spork designed to slip over your finger. You then dunk your finger spork into whatever dish you're eating — such as mashed potatoes or mac and cheese — and raise the besporked finger to your mouth. In order to get your hand on this unique invention (literally), you need to order a KFC Side Lover's Meal online, either through the chain's app or at participating restaurants. 

The KFC Side Lover's Meal, according to Food & Wine, consists of "eight pieces of fried chicken or chicken tenders, four biscuits, and three large sides." These three large sides are perfect, then, for testing out your new finger sporks. The only two catches are that this offer of fancy finger wear is only available from June 21 to July 12, and you only get two finger sporks per meal. If you want to turn all five of your hand's fingers into eating implements, you may have to buy an extra meal or two.