The Japanese Lamps That Are Made Out Of Bread

Most of the time when food comes up, you're probably trying to decide what to have for dinner, or what snacks you should pack for a road trip. You might be surprised to learn that food has historically been used for many things other than eating. Per A Very Foodly Diary, avocado and oatmeal can be used as skincare, and coconut oil is useful for making a mask. For warfare, capsaicin, the main ingredient of pepper spray, is extracted from peppers. Several foods are also known for their healing properties and are used in aromatherapy to improve memory and mood. 

WiseBread states that mayonnaise can be used to fix cracks in wood, kill head lice, and improve fingernail strength. Ketchup can be used to eliminate skunk odor after an unfortunate run-in. Food hacks can also be used for traditional cooking – Alton Brown believes these are the best food tips. With all these alternatives, you might be eased into the thought of food being used in bizarre places, but have you ever considered that bread could be made into a light source?

Let there be bread!

Out of all the uses of bread: sandwiches, pizzas, breadcrumbs, and burgers, light fixtures don't immediately make that list. A Japanese company called Pampshade is redefining the way bread is viewed, per Foodbeast. The artist behind the company, Yukiko Morita, turns leftover bread from bakeries into beautiful, useable lamps. By doing so, she helps small, locally-owned bakeries and preserves bread that would otherwise go to waste. Her process of creating her Bread Lamp Roll and Croissant & Batard involves first prepping the bread for long-term use. After she hollows it out, she coats it with anti-fungal and applies an antiseptic to ensure its use for 5-10 years.

"I want many people to experience the inviting charm of bread," Morita says on her website, Yukiko Morita. She first had the idea to start the company while working at a bakery, where she saw an overwhelming amount of products go to waste. Today, the company has expanded its availability to North America, Europe, China, and Hong Kong. As stunning as these pieces are, bread will always be beloved as delicious comfort food. This homemade white bread recipe can get you started on your own edible at-home creation.