The Students Who Learned A Hard Lesson At Gordon Ramsay's Pizza Restaurant

There are no sweeter words in the English language than "all you can eat." Who cares about the adage, "Your eyes are bigger than your stomach?" When it comes to a bottomless food source, everyone is willing to try and cram a shovel's worth of food into a spoon-sized stomach. Yes, the result is uncomfortable. And, no, you don't have room for dessert. But no one is going to deny that your gut-busting gorge-fest was worth every nickel.

When you see diners repeatedly filling up their plates, it's hard to imagine that the restaurant can actually turn a profit. How do they do it? The Hustle explains that they put the least expensive item in the first tray as 75% of a buffet's patrons opt for this item. In fact, 66% of everything that these diners will eat is found on the first three trays in the selection. This is the perfect place for cheap items like potatoes and pastas. Insider adds that these restaurants may also use plates that are significantly smaller than the traditional dinner variety and offer large beverages to fill you up on liquid.  

And some all-you-can-eat restaurants keep their eyes peeled for those that try to abuse their offerings as one group of students discovered at a Gordon Ramsay pizzeria. 

A group of students were caught abusing Gordon Ramsay's bottomless pizza

Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza offers guests a great deal — "bottomless pizza" for £16 ($19.60) per customer. It turns out that "bottomless" or "all you can eat" quite literally means "all you can eat on the premises at the time of purchase." It is not an invitation to fill up Tupperware containers to restock your freezer with future meals, which a group of students learned the hard way. 

According to Lad Bible, an 18-year-old student and his buddies decided to fill their bellies and food storage containers with enough pizza to feed themselves for a week. Cramming every second pizza slice into food packages concealed in their purses and totes, the friends managed to get away with 25 slices for future consumption. It would appear that they would have gotten away with it if they hadn't filmed their actions, added the caption, "Gordon Ramsay bottomless pizza gonna feed us for a whole week," and posted it on TikTok (via Cornwall Live).   

The TikTok video shows slice after slice of Gordon Ramsay's bottomless pizza being surreptitiously placed inside everything from a furry faux animal print purse to a cotton book bag as the students rub their bellies and smile. Viewers' comments ranged from "they should be charged with theft" to "this is genius," with some reminding them of the presence of CCTV. What did the restaurant think when they discovered the video? 

The students are banned from Gordon Ramsay's Street Pizza

It turns out that when the restaurant became aware of what was happening within its walls, it took no time to locate the students involved. According to Lad Bible, Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza announced in an Instagram post, "After a few days on the run, we have tracked down our suspects." A picture of the students was displayed alongside the words, "Last seen taking advantage of Gordon's bottomless pizza at Street Pizza Camden. We're bringing them in this evening for questioning." The company also offered a reward to anyone who spots the culprits near the pizza establishments in the future. 

The students' foray into squirreling away slices of "classic Margherita, pepperoni, charred aubergine, and corn and chorizo" (per Cornwall Live) has not only led to their faces being plastered on the internet — they have been banned from Gordon Ramsay's Street Pizza restaurants. Plus, there is good news for those who live in the Camden area. If you spot this gang of pizza pie hoarders near one of these restaurants, you can earn a reward.