Every Topo Chico Flavor Ranked From Worst To Best

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There was once a rumor that pop chanteuse Mariah Carey only bathed in mineral water. She dispelled the gossip in a 2018 interview with The Guardian, clarifying that she prefers to soak in cold milk. But we digress. 

Like all things chic, the carbonated refreshment is a little bit unnecessary, but nonetheless adored. Indeed, choosing sparkling over still at a restaurant can make hydrating feel luxurious. You have your San Pellegrino, your Perrier, and your Badoit, but Topo Chico is notable not only for its stylish packaging and crisp taste, but also for the enchanting lore behind it.

Legend has it that Topo Chico dates back to the late 15th century, when an Aztec princess came down with a mysterious disease. Local remedies weren't doing the trick, so a priest suggested the princess visit a nearby spring whose waters were said to have healing powers. She went, she drank, she was cured, and Topo Chico has been sourcing from the same spring since its founding in 1895 (via VinePair). 

Of course, the brand has made several updates since then, including adding three new flavors to its lineup. If you're reading this in the mineral water aisle and you need to know which Topo Chico flavor will make you feel most like the most hydrated princess, read on to find out customers' pick for the best flavor. But first, let's start with the worst. 

4. Twist of Grapefruit

Our findings tell us that every flavor of Topo Chico is pretty delightful. That said, the brand's Twist of Grapefruit was subject to critique from the sparkling beverage bloggers over at bubbleverse. "This one should actually be labelled hint of sour or generic lime," reads the review. "This is not a strong showing, not in the category of replicating grapefruit ... nor in the originality of any particular fruit at all." Ouch. 

A roundup of comments on influenster features more forgiving reviews, including one that calls the flavor "so refreshing for a warm day." Others were less impressed. "You can definitely taste the sodium, which I find a little off putting," wrote one reviewer. "It smells more like grapefruit than it tastes like it," said another, echoing the sentiments from bubbleverse. Based on the overall consensus, fans of bubbly grapefruit water would be better off reaching for a can of Pamplemousse LaCroix

3. Twist of Lime

Now that the mildly divisive Twist of Grapefruit is out of the way, it's pretty much smooth sailing for the remaining Topo Chico flavors. Customers are generally impressed with Twist of Lime.

A bubbleverse review reliably comes through with some notes, which is the only thing barring this flavor from taking home the silver medal. "Upon first sip, it's almost hard to get through to the flavor through the initial onslaught of the aggressive and beloved bubbles that define Topo Chico," reads the review. It sounds like a lack of fortitude might be a common theme among Topo Chico's special flavors. Twist of Lime may redeem itself more than Twist of Grapefruit, however. "Though the nose might lead you to believe this might be soda-like, the actual flavor is very real: deep, rich, the kind squeezed out of a dark green and slightly soft lime." 

Additional Twist of Lime reviews prove it to be a very popular flavor. "I debated giving this 1 star so no one else would buy it... I love it that much," reads an Amazon review. "It's definitely the best sparkling mineral water I have ever had," reads another. Well done, lime. 

2. Twist of Tangerine

Getting thirsty yet? We're gonna go ahead and say Twist of Tangerine is the second best Topo Chico flavor. "This is incredible," proclaims bubbleverse. "The pert little Cutie marches straight from the nose to your mouth. This tangerine is everything we like in the LaCroix Tangerine and has nothing we don't like about the Topo Chico Lime and Grapefruit. It's bright, it's bold... it's accurate."

The flavor was added to the Topo roster in 2021, per Philly Grub, making it the newest member of the beverage company's roster. There aren't many reviews of it outside of bubbleverse, our trusty arbiter of Topo Chico wisdom, but Philly Grub calls it "perfect for those seeking a healthy alternative with a hint of flavor." It's worth noting, however, that the tangerine flavor is also the most elusive of the bunch; it's not available on Amazon, for instance, but you might find it at select stores like Sprouts and QFC, or on Mercato. 

1. Au naturale, baby

By now, we've established that Topo Chico is a pretty adaptable beverage. But why mess with a good thing? When in doubt, fans of the brand feel they can never go wrong with the original flavor. "These are the lushest, roundest, juiciest bubbles in any sparkling water, mineral or otherwise," writes bubbleverse. "Topo Chico is the best mineral water I've tried," seconds an influenster review. "It's very refreshing and you can mix it with many drinks, drink it by itself, or, my favorite, make a delicious lemonade with it."

Per that last comment, those who like a little razzle dazzle in their mineral water, but aren't crazy about Topo Chico's additional flavors, can always add their own squeeze of fresh citrus to a bottle of Topo Chico, or, as bubbleverse suggests, a dash of bitters. Plus, while Topo Chico's new hard seltzer flavor is now available, there's no rule against spiking your Topo Chico with an ounce of tequila, some Aleppo pepper, and some fancy salt for a refreshing Ranch Water cocktail. The possibilities are endless.