Why Folded Eggs Are So Aesthetically Pleasing

The world is obsessed with eggs. In 2021, in the U.S. alone, on average 284.6 eggs per person were consumed (via Statista). And why not? Poached, fried, cooked, or scrambled, eggs are a breakfast favorite and a great protein source (via Healthline). But, however easy, fast, and cheap it is to prepare eggs, not all can master it. Take scrambled eggs, for example: a simple mistake like leaving your eggs to overcook, even when the heat is off, can result in dry and rubbery eggs, which means a spoiled morning.

The Internet is full of scrambled egg hacks to master this recipe, like adding a type of fat like sour cream to make them fluffier, but sometimes this doesn't mean the result is the best. The problem is not in the ingredients, but in the process. It's what you do in the pan that changes not only the flavor, but how aesthetically pleasing it will look.

Don't stir, fold.

Folded eggs look like a roulade on the plate

To make folded eggs, take into consideration the time you are cooking your eggs, the temperature you are using, and how gently you use your silicone spatula. On his YouTube channel, Jamie Oliver demonstrated how folding eggs resulted in a "rouladey" form because when preparing them, you create small circles with your spatula in the pan, all directed toward the middle. Your eggs would begin to overlap in the pan, creating a mix of cooked curds and less-cooked sections that keep the moisture. The result is not only a unique texture and juicy flavor, but an aesthetically pleasing form that would make you stare for a while. 

Meanwhile, The Washington Post suggests stirring, if you prefer so, but not frequently. Also, turn the heat off sooner than usual but keep on folding. After that, you can serve your eggs over toast. Insider reported that folded eggs hold together better than scrambled eggs, so they don't break apart on toast or in a sandwich. Plus, it takes around 5 minutes to prepare, perfect for a busy morning. 

Once served, play with your toppings. There are tons of unexpected ingredients to add to your breakfast other than just avocado. Try salmon, feta cheese or kimchi. Don't forget to take a nice picture for social media, with the hashtag aesthetic.