Michael Symon's New Favorite Grill Gadget Will Up Your Summer BBQ Game

Every chef has his or her go-to piece of culinary gear they would be lost without. Richard Blais' favorite kitchen tool is surprisingly simple, while Curtis Stone swears by his mortar and pestle. Michael Symon is no different. The celebrity chef also has his must have tools. Per Food & Wine, when it comes to Symon's favorite kitchen gadgets, he revealed during an episode of  "Symon's Dinners Cooking Out" there are four items he considers mission critical. Symon said, "I've been collecting kitchen stuff [and] been cooking professionally for over 30 years, so I've acquired a lot of things. A good chef's knife, a bench scraper, a good wooden spoon, and a microplane, and I'm off to the races."

Symon's favorite kitchen tools seem both practical and simple, however, these cooking favorites may be taking a backseat during these warmer months because the host of "Burgers, Brew & 'Que" has a new grill gadget that will not only make you jelly, it will up your summer BBQ game. Leading up to Father's Day, Symon shared on Instagram that he has a new favorite tool for family cookouts and his followers are definitely giving it the thumbs up.

Pie irons could be your new favorite cooking tool

Symon shared a video on Instagram demonstrating how to make a toasty sandwich with a grilling gadget that could be a game-changer for your summer cooking. Symon wrote, "...im loving these pie irons lately," and it's easy to see why because as he notes, "you can stuff anything in them" and "throw them into the campfire." The Original Rome Pie Irons explains this tool can make both "sweet and savory" sandwiches and pies. Chef Symon demonstrates their ease by creating a delightful-looking Italian sandwich filled with meats, cheese, and his favorite relish and after it cooks on the barbecue, he teases us with a sandwich grilled to golden, crunchy perfection.

Symon's followers are loving it, too. One wrote, "We love making pizzas and desserts over the bonfire using our pie irons. You can be so creative!" to which Symon replied, "That's what I love about them." While another noted the pie irons could help to create some "yummy appetizers." We agree with that! 

Still another fan took the opportunity to ask how many grills the chef owns to which the celebrity chef hilariously replied, "According to Liz .. tooooo many ... according to me not enough!..lol."