Curtis Stone Swears By This Must-Have Kitchen Tool

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You may not be surprised to find out that Australian chef and kitchenware monger Curtis Stone loves the Bump & Grind. In fact, he invented it. Well, he re-invented it– at least when it comes to cooking. Actually, it's Stone's own mortar and pestle.

Stone based his Bump & Grind product, which he mentioned in a 2009 interview with Delish, on the classic mortar and pestle, a throwback from the Stone Age – literally, and no pun intended. Part of his "Kitchen Solutions by Curtis Stone" kitchenware line, this product appears to be no longer available. Still, Stone says the mortar (bowl) and pestle (a small version of a club that fits in the palm of your hand) are among his favorite kitchen tools.

If you are not using this combo to crush and blend spices and herbs, Stone says you should be. Not only is a mortar and pestle a great way to make seasoning mélanges and dry rubs, but using it can help add a world of flavor to your dishes. When spices are smashed and mashed (our favorite word), the process opens up the spice pod or herb leaf, releasing essence and aroma. It also works well for mixing emulsions and marinades, crushing garlic and ginger, and blending flavored sugars and salts.

Good tools and fresh ingredients are key

A proud carnivore, Stone believes that good tools and simple, fresh ingredients are the keys to making the best dishes. The mortar and pestle, he says, and Andrew Zimmern agrees as it's also his favorite kitchen tool, is great for pulverizing garlic and rosemary into a rub for lamb or steak. It's traditionally made from a hard material like granite, marble, stone, wood, or ceramic. Stone's other favorite tools, in fact, the most important in a kitchen, as he told Holiday Travel, are a razor-sharp knife and a good cutting board.

And he should know. The Melbourne native has been on many food-related shows, including "Top Chef Masters," "Around the World in 80 Plates" and "MasterChef" and given cooking demonstrations on multiple talk shows. He also hosted "Take Home Chef," which originally aired on TLC and is now available on Prime Video, in which Stone would approach people in the grocery store and offer to go back to their kitchens to help them prepare and cook a meal. What a great way to learn how to use some of Stone's favorite kitchen tools!