Pringles' New Innovation Might Have People Backing Away From The Can

There is something inherently special about Pringles potato chips. No other snack food respects order and consistency more than this perfectly stacked, never misshaped product. Without a noisy bag to crinkle, they are ideal for munching during a movie. While you are likely familiar with the taste and appeal of this popular brand, there are some interesting facts you may not know. 

The egg-headed dude with the squirrel-tail mustache that graces their packaging is actually named "Julius Pringle." Brad Pitt once graced one of their TV commercials. And the Pringles cylinder designer asked to be buried in his invention, leading to his remains being placed in a Pringles Original tube (via Mental Floss). According to Delish, they were originally called "New Fangled Potato Chips," but were later named after either a road or a pioneer in the potato processing industry. Spoon University points out that they have been sold in an array of offbeat flavors like Pecan Pie, Pigs in a Blanket, Soft Shell Crab, and White Chocolate Peppermint. And Statista states that 4.4 million people in the U.S. polished off at least eight bags (um...don't they mean tubes?) of Pringles in 2020. Clearly, Americans love this quirky brand of potato crisps with an interesting backstory. Well, it turns out that Pringles is about to add a rather bizarre chapter to its biography and it has to do with the source of a common phobia. 

A spider closely resembles the Pringles mascot

As you gaze upon the kidney garden spider, what do you see? Why, it's Julius Pringle, of course. Yes, this small garden spider that loves to hang out in curled up leaves in South, East, and Southeast Asia (per Singapore National Parks) bears markings that closely resemble the thickly-mustached Pringles mascot. Naturally, Pringles has decided to adopt this odd little arachnid by making it the "Pringles Spider." And you can do your part to help make this happen. 

Pringles has created an official petition asking the arachnid community, including 10 well-known organizations in the spider world, to "do what's right" and ensure that this eight-legged critter receives the Pringles moniker and you can add your name to the list. That's not all. A press release claims that if their plans come to fruition, they will celebrate by giving away complimentary Pringles. Yay! And, beginning on June 28, 2022, Pringles fans will be able to "adopt" their very own Pringles Spider. 

There is no denying that this is one of the most unique advertising campaigns to hit the potato chip industry — or any industry for that matter. And whether you think spiders with mustached mascots on their bodies are creepy or cute, you have to admit that the kidney garden spider is practically a walking billboard.