How To Majorly Upgrade Your Tacos

Tacos are an emblematic meal. Although their origins take us straight to Mexico, tacos have conquered hearts worldwide. An authentic taco looks colorful and actually needs very few toppings to taste delicious: Cilantro, onion, and chili peppers, along with juicy pork, carne asada, chicken, or your choice of protein, is enough. Of course, always join your tacos with classic salsa, shredded cheese, and homemade guac, to make it a perfectly balanced and delicious meal. Modern versions of a taco include vegan tacos, seafood tacos, tacos for breakfasts, and more choices that shine in all the states.

Many food enthusiasts want to replicate this popular dish in the kitchen, and why not? It's fast, cheap, tasty, and filling. Plus, just the taco tortilla can have tons of healthy benefits. A corn tortilla is gluten-free, low in fat and sodium, and rich in fiber, and the flour tortilla provides iron and other essential vitamins (via Tortilla Industry Association).

But, according to Outside, the already amazing taco can be majorly upgraded not only by getting creative with your fillings but by preparing from scratch the basics of it all: the tortilla.

Make your tortillas at home

You can make fresh flour tortillas with flour, oil, and salt, ingredients you may already have in your kitchen. But the classic tacos are made with corn tortillas. Preparing tortillas is kind of a ritual, a tradition so inherited in Mexican culture, just as we saw in Netflix's "Taco Chronicles."

Outside reports that in order to make homemade tortillas, you'll need fresh masa, found in Hispanic and Latino markets. You can use your own hands for the kneading and rolling, and any heavy kitchen utensil to press the dough ball and make it a tortilla. You probably find masa harina instead of masa while grocery shopping, but don't worry, masa harina is corn flour, usually mixed with lime, and masa is the masa harina mixed with water (via All Recipes). Use what's available and easier for you to make the recipe.

Once you have your tortillas ready, with corn or flour, grill them or heat them until brown and get ready to prepare your meal. Use tortillas in different dishes like burritos, quesadillas, or fajitas, or store them, preferably frozen, with wax paper between them so they don´t stick. Have fun with your fillings in your tacos, and with the first bite, taste the freshness, richness, texture, and warmth the homemade tortilla brings. You'll like to repeat it, and make everyday taco day!