Did DiGiorno Just Create The Next Big Ice Cream Flavor?

DiGiorno changed the frozen pizza game when it hit the scene in 1996 with the first rising-crust pie on the market. The result was a meal that, per the brand's tagline, one's dinner guests might have mistaken for a delivery order from the local pizza joint. But, you see, it wasn't delivery. It was DiGiorno. 

In addition to holding onto its fresher-than-fresh schtick, the Nestlé-owned brand has devised other ways to stand out from its frozen counterparts over the years. This past April, the brand broke free from the confines of lunch and dinner with its first line of DiGiorno pizzas inspired by breakfast staples, which came after the success of its croissant-crust pizza that everyone was talking about back in 2020. 

If customers were stoked about eating their eggs Benedict, cinnamon rolls, and sausage and gravy in the form of pizza, DiGiorno presumably thought, why not branch even further from tradition with ice cream? We're not talking about a cake-based crust topped with ice cream and candy that's just made to look like a sweet pizza (via Allrecipes). The brand has attempted to make ice cream capture the essence of its cheesy pies with a new creation: pizza-flavored ice cream in a croissant-crust cone. 

It's not delivery: It's tomato basil and parmesan ice cream from DiGiorno

DiGiorno clearly wants its fans to have ice cream for dinner because the brand has come up with Croissant Crust Ice Cream Cones. According to Food Beast, they are made with the same flaky, buttery dough as DiGiorno's croissant-crust pizza. As for the ice cream, the cones are accompanied by two savory flavors (Strawberry Tomato Basil and Parmesan Cheese) from a Cleveland-based ice cream shop. "It's 'cold pizza' like you've never tasted before," writes DiGiorno

Unfortunately, you can't just head to the grocery store to get the goods; the limited-time items will only be available via an online sweepstakes. According to the official rules, 20 winners will be chosen. The prizes include ice cream, Croissant Crust Cones, and gift cards for ice cream toppings, but no cash. Only "legal residents of" a U.S. state or Washington D.C. will be eligible. The window for entry is July 7-17, just in time for National Ice Cream Day.