The Returning Costco Item That Has Reddit Thrilled

To some people, Costco is just another grocery store. But to others — like the 209,000+ members of the Costco subreddit — it might be more like a lifestyle. Diehard Costco fans are even known to track the comings and goings of certain cult-favorite and seasonal items. Just recently, Costco fans were so excited for its returning snickerdoodle treat, and similarly, when news broke that Costco was discontinuing the sale of its combo pizza, Twitter couldn't get over the removal of the fan-favorite menu item

Maybe those who were broken-hearted over the loss of Costco combo pizza can take comfort in the fact that a new seasonal item is back in stores. Does it help distract from the sting of that departure? Maybe. But some shoppers would probably call it a good catch. A fan of the discount retailer posted on the Costco subreddit to announce the return of wild-caught sockeye salmon to the refrigerated seafood section. And judging from the more than 600 upvotes the post received, it's safe to say that other Redditors were excited.

Some were excited, others had questions

The fittingly named Mamafish22 spread news and enthusiasm about product return: "It is finally here!" they wrote (via Reddit). "Costco annual wild fresh sockeye salmon is my favorite." Many people had favorable things to say about the salmon. "My favorite thing about buying salmon at Costco is that they've already removed the pin bones," said fellow salmon admirer dbzroxy. "This looks amazing, I'd smoke it," shared MadamePremier.

But some other commenters, even those who claimed to be fans of the salmon, had a couple of bones to pick with the original poster, who claimed that this salmon was "so much better than frozen." However, Osgiliath insisted the fish was previously frozen, for one important reason: "Salmon is always frozen, even for the 'freshest sushi.' This is just thawed. The freezing is a necessary process that kills a parasite endemic to salmon." There may be something to this. The FDA calls freezing an effective way to rid fish of parasites and names salmon as a fish that people susceptible to foodborne illnesses should avoid.

Regardless, Mamafish22 seemed more than happy with the wild sockeye salmon, which cost $14.99 at their location. The fish fan even came back to share their review after baking the salmon and topping it with Kirkland Signature pesto: "This was delicious."