Twitter Can't Get Over Costco Removing A Fan-Favorite Menu Item

There's something irresistible about the Costco food court. It's a no-fuss, delicious, fast, and inexpensive way to reward and refuel after pushing that giant cart around the warehouse store for an hour (or more, depending on just how big a Costco fanatic you are). And since you probably spent $300 on steaks, your favorite Kirkland goodies, batteries, toilet paper and lawn chairs, a giant, gooey slice of pizza for $1.99 always sounds like a great deal. Famous for their delicious pizza slices, sundaes, and $1.50 hot dog-and-soda deal, the retailer — which recently took steps to make it even easier to shop at everyone's favorite warehouse — was forced to pare down its offerings during the COVID-19 pandemic, and, unfortunately, some items never returned. As the saying goes, nothing lasts forever, and this includes some favorite Costco treats.

As reported by Eat This, Not That! in September 2021, and more recently bemoaned by at least one Reddit thread and one Costco shopper on Twitter, it seems the combination pizza has left the building ... for good. The combination pizza was so good because it starts as all Costco pizzas do — with good dough straight from Brooklyn, New York, special pans, sauce robots, and extra oil, according to this YouTube video.

But it's the generous, delicious toppings that went into the combo pizza that made it so tempting and satisfying, including Italian sausage, pepperoni, sliced green bell peppers, red onions, mushrooms, and black peppers — all for the same $1.99 price as a slice of cheese pizza.

Costco's combo pizza had it all

According to Eat This, Not That!, the beloved combo pizza slice from the Costco food court, with its generous meat and veggie toppings, is gone with no signs of coming back. Its absence was felt by Twitter user Kat (@ihykatelyn), who recently posted, "who tf at Costco was like yeah let's get rid of the combo pizza." More than 2,000 people retweeted Kat's question and several people expressed their own displeasure over Costco's elimination of the combo slice. One follower who evidently hasn't visited the food court in a while responded, "they WHAT," while another got sadly nostalgic: "I distinctly remember the day I tried to order one and they had discontinued it."

Another responded to Kat's complaint with, "facts, and the turkey [provolone sandwich]." Another agreed, blaming the pizza decision on the "same demons that said let's get rid of the turkey sandwich." "PLEASE SAY SIKE???" begged a follower, who was just glad that not all the pizzas were gone.

A self-proclaimed insider explained the decision to eliminate the combo pizza: "[T]hey just saw it as a way to save money. They wouldn't make a profit so they only kept the basics. I work there and I've asked the big bosses." Another commenter offered a rumor that trouble with vendors and difficulty maintaining high pizza quality standards were behind the unpopular move. One commenter said they don't even shop at Costco since the elimination of the combo. "That s**t was my favorite," they added.