Why TikTok Loved The Pasta Queen's Colab With Lionfield

It's no secret that TikTok loves food videos. So many recent TikTok food trends were born on the short-form video app but disseminated to millions — who could forget the proliferation of cloud bread or Emily Mariko's salmon rice hack? Pasta is especially popular on TikTok, where an Italian creator known as The Pasta Queen captivates her more than 2 million followers with recipes for "assassin's spaghetti" and ricotta gnocchi, as well as her signature dramatic voiceovers (via TikTok).

While The Pasta Queen, known by her inner circle as Nadia Cateria Munno, often appears solo in her videos, she recently filmed a collaboration with Lionfield, a music duo that's popular on YouTube and TikTok. Lionfield creators Emiliano Santoro and Matteo Salvatori are not a random choice for Munno's video, as they're self-proclaimed "pasta protectors" who create comedy-oriented videos reacting to various crimes against food. Naturally, when the two TikTok accounts joined as one, fans were delighted.

Two sides of Italian food TikTok come together as one

The collab video in question, posted to The Pasta Queen's account last May, brought the members of Lionfield to Munno's kitchen, where they accompanied her as she made a luscious pasta alla vodka recipe. The video is a quintessential merging of the two accounts, with Munno's recipe and narration creating a base, layered with laughs and more than a few well-timed glances at the camera by the musicians. The video ends with Munno and Salvatori calling the dish "gorgeous" — and commenters agreed.

The video got plenty of attention, with over 140,000 likes and 700 comments, most of which sang the praises of the "best collab ever." One commenter even took the video as evidence that the trio deserve their own show. Of course, the food wasn't forgotten amidst the celebrity excitement — plenty of commenters raved about how delightful the pasta itself looked. "Thanks for entertainment but I really need to try this recipe," one person wrote about the trofie pasta with tomato paste, chili flakes, onion, butter, and lots of Parmesan. The video may not be long, but it certainly united two slices of food-loving TikTok. The three even filmed another video together in June.