Kristen Kish Reveals The Only Iron Chef Matchup She Would Compete In - Exclusive

Joining Alton Brown as the newest co-host of "Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend," Kristen Kish brings some refreshing insight to the sidelines of Kitchen Stadium. As a former culinary competitor herself — you'll recognize Kish as the winner of Season 10 of "Top Chef" – Kish knows firsthand what it's like to feel the pressure of the ticking clock, the creative strain of the intense challenges, and the watchful eyes of the judges on you at all times. While that makes her a pro at decoding the happenings of the "Iron Chef" battles for all of us at home, it doesn't necessarily mean she wants to be called on by the chairman anytime soon.

In fact, Mashed recently asked Kish which of the Iron Chefs she'd want to compete against, and she was quick to proclaim, "None of them. No way. I'm good." If you've watched any of the new season and witnessed the level of skill and creativity these chefs bring to the table, then you understand the reluctance to take on that kind of pressure — even if you're a Top Chef.

However, that doesn't mean a hypothetical "Iron Chef" matchup is totally off the table for Kish. In an exclusive interview with Mashed, the co-host revealed not only the ultimate "Iron Chef" competition she wants to see happen, but also the one she'd want to throw on an apron and pick up a chef's knife to take part in herself.

Kish wants to keep it in the family for a Kitchen Stadium showdown

While Kristen Kish claimed she may have "hung [her] competition hat up a while ago," that doesn't mean she couldn't be convinced to do some serious cooking in Kitchen Stadium — but only under the right circumstances. She told Mashed, "I do like to competitively cook still, but not with the amount of pressure."

As such, her dream "Iron Chef" showdown involves a lot more fun and games than it does stress and high stakes. "If there was a fun charity thing, I would love to team up with Alton and go against our judges, or some fun matchup like that," she told Mashed.

To be honest, we're totally here for it. Seeing Kish and Alton Brown team up against the highly-acclaimed Andrew Zimmern and the equally intimidating Nilou Motamed would make for a battle of epic proportions, even if it was just for fun. Kish doesn't mind the thought of "[putting] it out into the universe" — so here's hoping that one day we get to see whose cuisine would reign supreme.

"Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend" is now available to stream on Netflix.