Sonic's New Shark Week-Inspired Slush Is Turning Heads

July 11 marked the beginning of one of the most exciting weeks of the summer: Discovery's Shark Week, which is all about celebrating some of the most fascinating and ferocious creatures in the deep blue sea. The week-long programming event, which began airing all the way back in 1987 (per IMDB), includes scheduled features on the Discovery Channel and Discovery+, all centered around the apex predators of the ocean, including some informative television shows and behind-the-scenes views of the deep, as well as more dramatical, fictional programming with the powerful fish in the starring role.

Shark Week features programs that are educational, interesting, and often thrilling — and it has become so popular that, now, many other brands also want to get in on some of the fun. This year, the popular fast food chain Sonic Drive-In has announced they will be taking part in all the excitement by releasing their new, limited-time Shark Week Slush that you can enjoy while watching all your favorite shows.

Sonic's Shark Week Slush will only be available for a limited time

The icy new beverage features the chain's sweet and tropical Blue Coconut Slush topped with real, fresh strawberries and, as the pièce de résistance, two shark gummy candies floating on the surface, according to Best Products. The scene is reminiscent of sharks swimming around bait, and it is sure to help put you in the perfect mindset for watching all your favorite themed shows. 

The new Shark Week Slush has now launched and will be on the menu during Shark Week, which runs July 11 through July 18, and will only be available as long as supplies last. You can order this dangerously delicious treat at participating Sonic locations nationwide for just $2.99 for a medium size (via Chew Boom).

"We're excited to capture the beauty of Shark Week and the awe-inspiring ocean life the program showcases in an exhilarating treat with a trifecta of flavors. The beachy cool Blue Coconut Slush lays a bright, aquatic blue base for shark gummy candies and juicy strawberries, creating a vivid ocean scene with a Slush for guests to celebrate both the magnificent creatures and the delicious fun of summer," Scott Uehlein, vice president of product innovation and development for Sonic, said in a press release (via QSR Magazine).