The Fast-Food Franchise That's Opening An All-Women's Drive-Thru

Aside from the recent Roe vs. Wade ruling, which some see as a complete violation of women's rights here in the U.S., women have made significant leaps toward a more equal ground both in America and surrounding countries since the early 1900's.

When considering a country like India, its citizens have made monumental strides for women's rights when you compare the current year to any other. Indian women today appear to be a lot more content than they were just five years ago, per The Times of India. Indian women have a lot more rights and say in their households than they claimed to have had just in 2015. Also, in the year 2020 alone, Indian women receiving forms of higher education increased by 31%, via The Times of India.

If that isn't enough to restore some of your faith in humanity, in a recent article published by the Pew Research Center, more than half of Indian citizens claimed they felt as though men and women should have equal opportunities in employment. Interestingly enough, the country has also been increasing its employment opportunities and, in decoding opportunities alone, plans to see a 31% increase this year, per The Economic Times.

While you are probably familiar with seeing India in recent news regarding wheat exports and the global food shortage, you probably weren't expecting to see the nation opening up the first all-women's drive-thru. Well, believe it or not, its happening!

McDonald's opens all-women's drive-thru in Gujarat, India

Truth be told, today McDonald's opened its first all-women's drive-thru in Gujarat, India near the famous Statue of Unity. This will be the popular fast-food restaurant's 45th restaurant in Gujarat, with 28 local women hired to run the establishment, per The Economic Times. One of the franchise developers stated, "We believe that this initiative will enable us to strengthen our commitment towards diversity and inclusion as well as fostering communities, by bringing in more women from the region to the workforce," per the publication.

This should come as no surprise since the beloved fast-food chain announced it was making franchise ownership easier and more accessible to other parts of the globe just last year. While The Wall Street Journal recently noted the chain's upcoming and unwelcomed changes regarding their franchise policy, McDonald's is at least keeping part of their initial deal in continuing to open restaurants where needed.

While we may not know what the future looks like for McDonald's, right now they are making attempts to make employment available to the people and in this case, women who need it. While it may start with one franchise, it's a step in the right direction for society as a whole.