Alex Guarnaschelli's Favorite Sides For Smoked Brisket

Alex Guarnaschelli has hard-worked her way into millions of Americans' homes and hearts with tremendous charm and a winning smile. She combines the sophistication of her culinary training with practical savvy, generous warmth of spirit, and a killer (but kind) sense of humor. Her food television experience runs the gamut, and so does her palate. Her cookbook, "The Home Cook: Recipes to Know by Heart" (per her website) features what she calls "modern comfort food" which encapsulates her appeal as a cook who knows how to cook what people like to eat.

And apparently, a lot of us really love our brisket! Leaner than pulled pork, way more satisfying than chicken, and not as messy as ribs, brisket is a great summer cut of meat. There are so many ways of cooking it, too: from corned beef to BBQ sandwiches.  As grills and their accessories gain in popularity (per NPD) and smokers start to become an everyday item (especially right after Father's Day) smoked brisket is getting its day in the sun, and some argue it's the most perfect brisket they've ever had. 

Alex Guarnaschelli's recs for your brisket's side hustle

So you've successfully cooked the tricky cut of meat, but now you're faced with step two: what to serve with it? Smoked brisket's rich flavor demands a little thought in this arena and, as usual, Alex Guarnaschelli is full of ideas. Recently on Twitter, a fan reached out to ask what to serve with this favorite of Texas pitmasters. Not missing a beat, Guarnaschelli shared her suggestions, all perfect for offsetting the rich smokiness of the beef, and featuring fresh, acidic, or fragrant notes as a counterbalance. What did she suggest?

"Vinegary cabbage slaw. Mixed herb salad. Chimichurri. Tomato mozzarella salad. Grilled broccoli and lemon. Celery and apple salad. Green beans with horseradish." Each of these ideas is inspiring enough on its own, but served alongside perfectly smoked brisket, the only thing we'd need to add would be a cold beer.

Guarnaschelli's perfect pitch with food is second nature to her, and luckily she's generous with her expertise. In fact, if you're craving brisket but you don't have a smoker (or yours is on the fritz), the chef took to Instagram not long ago with a slow-cooked brisket recipe that had fans swooning in the comments.