The Time Paris Hilton Tried To Use In-N-Out To Get Out Of Trouble

Fast food can be a lifesaver at the end of a night out. After partying hard, nothing hits the spot more than a greasy burger and fries. But a drive-thru meal is never an excuse to drive under the influence. And in 2006, reality TV queen Paris Hilton apparently placed a little too much faith in the healing properties of a Double-Double after drinking.

On one busy day for the socialite, a then-25-year-old Hilton spent the day filming a music video and afterward went out to dinner with her little sister Nicky and friends. After dinner, they attended a charity event, where Hilton claimed to have had one margarita (via the Associated Press). Hoping to cap off the busy day with some In-N-Out, Hilton made her way to the popular fast-food joint. However, on her way there, she was pulled over by the LAPD for driving erratically in her Mercedes-Benz.

Hilton said she was 'starving' before the arrest

In her haste to get a meal from the delicious In-N-Out Burger, Paris Hilton was pulled over. A Breathalyzer test measured her blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at 0.08, the minimum to warrant arrest in California, per the Associated Press. She was booked but released a few hours later on a misdemeanor arrest.

In response to the headlines about her arrest, Hilton spoke with Ryan Seacrest on KIIS FM in an attempt to explain the situation. Hilton told Seacrest, " ... I had one margarita, starving 'cause I had not ate all day, on my way to In-N-Out which is probably three blocks away, and I'm in my (Mercedes) SLR, which is a little fast, so maybe I was speeding a little bit" (via People).

Per E! News, Hilton "ultimately pleaded down to reckless driving in January 2007 and was sentenced to three years' probation, ordered to attend alcohol-education classes and fined $1,500." The incident didn't shake her love for In-N-Out Burger, though; in 2021, Hilton told Mashed that In-N-Out is one of her favorite fast-food chains.