This Is Paris Hilton's Favorite Fast Food Restaurant - Exclusive

Fans of Paris Hilton have undoubtedly already caught her latest project, the new comedic cooking show, "Cooking with Paris," on Netflix. While the show is mesmerizing thanks to the fashion and her friends and family who play sous chef to Hilton's home chef, Mashed couldn't help but wonder where Hilton likes to eat when she's on the go. Fortunately, she dished on her favorite fast food restaurant during an exclusive interview with Mashed.

As it turns out, when she is not responsible for making the meals herself, Hilton really loves a McDonald's meal. When Mashed asked what her favorite fast food was, there wasn't a moment of hesitation before she said, "McDonald's." Hilton went on to explained, "I love their fries, I love their milkshakes." But those delicious sweet and salty menu items also brought to mind another favorite fast food restaurant of Hilton's. "And In-N-Out. I love In-N-Out," she added.

Recreating McDonald's fries was one of Hilton's favorite moments on the show

Clearly, Paris Hilton loves McDonald's so much that she incorporated a meal inspired by the fast food chain into an episode of "Cooking with Paris." The McDonald's-themed show even turned out to be one of the best things Hilton made during the show. "I loved the vegan — we did the vegan meal with Nikki Glaser, and I attempted to make McDonald's french fries," Hilton said. They also made a vegan burger to go with it and a vegan milkshake topped with tons of plant-based whipped cream on top.

Hilton did admit that the homemade McDonald's fries did not stand up to the real thing. "They weren't as good as McDonald's french fries, but I'd never used one of those fry ... the air-fryer things," she said. "So, that was a lot of fun," Hilton added. Perhaps with some practice, she'll love her own McDonald's fries as much as the chain's fries. But, until then, McDonald's fries will always only be a drive-thru away.

The first season of "Cooking with Paris" is now available to watch on Netflix.