The Actor Who Says Ina Garten's Recipes Inspired Her To Be A Better Cook

Ina Garten is like Oprah, Adele, Beyonce, and Banksy — she transcends. The host of "The Barefoot Contessa" is well known for her savoir faire in the kitchen. She's won multiple Emmys for her Food Network show (via IMDb) and is beloved by pretty much everyone. Garten was Liz Lemon's dream neighbor in an episode of "30 Rock" and she has a legion of fans her cooking inspires. She even impacts celebrities Jennifer Garner and Taylor Swift as well as Michelle Obama (via Yahoo).

The cookbook author revealed to Today that she feels inspired by Julia Child. Garten said, "I would have to say that Julia Child's my biggest culinary inspiration because she really taught me how to cook through her cookbooks. I learned how to make hollandaise sauce the right way, and then she showed me how to make it the quick way without losing any of the quality." Maybe that's why Garten is such an inspiration to so many including this former SNL cast member.

Casey Wilson's culinary happy ending

Ina Garten can add Casey Wilson to her long list of fans, according to People. Wilson revealed to the publication that Garten has helped the "Happy Endings" actor improve her cooking skills to match her kitchen confidence with her accessible recipes. Wilson said, "I'm obsessed with the Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten, like the OG." She went on to praise the culinary star further saying, "Her recipes are so good and so detailed." 

Like so many of us who are just getting our culinary feet, Wilson confessed to E! News that time is really her biggest obstacle when it comes to cooking. But Garten's recipes have made her step out of her comfort zone. Wilson told People, "[Garten] is the only person I've actually been able to attempt a little more. I struggle sometimes with some basics, like how long am I leaving corn in the steamer?" And there is a positive outcome. Wilson added, "But I'm getting better, and I love to try, which I think, that's all you can really do." Who knows, maybe the actor will join the superfan who cooked every single one of Ina Garten's recipes and try to do so herself!