These Are Antoni Porowski's Favorite Comfort Foods

Food has the power to cheer us up by not only filling our bellies but our souls, too. "Queer Eye" star and chef, Antoni Porowski, knows the power that a good plate of food has. Having spent the past few years touring the United States with his fellow co-stars, the Canadian chef has gotten a taste for American cuisine. While making over "heroes," Porowski and the rest of the Fab Five have gotten to work in different food hotspots like Austin, Atlanta, and for the upcoming season, New Orleans (via ET).

Elevating "Queer Eye" fan's palettes by teaching viewers simple ways to up their cooking, it would be easy to assume that the show's resident food and wine expert would have a taste for the finer culinary delights. But what many don't know about Antoni Porowski, is that while he does love a good elevated dish, some of his meals are classic American-style comfort foods.

Antoni's classic favorites may surprise you

Comfort foods speak to the "Antoni: Let's Do Dinner" author. At the top of his list of favorites is mac and cheese. More specifically, Porowski reveals in an interview with Food and Wine that he loves, "a vat of Mac and cheese." In fact, he loves the cheesy dish so much that his first book, "Antoni in the Kitchen," has two different mac and cheese recipes, one wet and one baked.

Always fascinated with American culture and cuisine, Porowski told Harper's Bazaar that he enjoys a good meatloaf stuffed with a whole block of cheddar cheese and a ketchup-y glaze. Porowski states that meatloaf is "what Sundays are all about."

A divisive food, people seem to either love or despise eggs. Porowski falls into the love category. During quarantine in Austin with his partner Kevin Harrington, Antoni reignited a passion for the breakfast staple. He likes to keep his eggs simple and told Thrillist that he likes them either soft scrambled or over-easy. As far as toppings, the cooking star keeps it minimal with Za'atar or Everything but the Bagel seasoning and ketchup. Watch the "Fab Five" eat NoLa foods this upcoming "Queer Eye" season 7.