TikTok Is Feeling Sick After IHOP's Minions Meal Goes Totally Wrong

It's time once again that we talk about those little yellow fellows known as the Minions. For those who aren't Minion maniacs, Illumination's popular characters are part of the "Despicable Me" film series, with the overall-wearing minions serving as "henchman" to the budding supervillain Gru. The newest Minion feature, "Minions: The Rise of Gru was released on July 1 and exploded in the media in more ways than one.

Everyone from ironic (at least, we assume the trend is ironic) internet trends to restaurants have been in a state of Minion Mania. Teenage men are putting on their finest suits and arriving in droves to watch the newest Minions film in a trend known as "gentleminions," via CNET – arriving in such a great number that, according to the New York Post, cinemas are actually banning them altogether. Restaurants are also jumping on the Minion train, such as IHOP, for example. The pancake house has recently launched a Minions-themed menu, via Business Wire, consisting of everything from banana pancakes, banana milkshakes, an "evil" steak burger, and a "Cold Gru iced coffee." At first glance, it seems like your standard restaurant-movie tie-in menu.

But, as some users on TikTok claim, the menu is far more evil than it appears to be. 

Are people getting sick from the Minions menu?

"We just wanted to enjoy our minion meal." This was the caption posted on a TikTok video posted by "_.carolime._," detailing a rather unpleasant experience Caroline and her friend had while dining at an IHOP restaurant. After receiving a "Minion meal" from the exclusive menu, a dish of chicken strips, waffles, and fries, the pair discovered that the chicken tender was undercooked. Instead of being a tender white, it was a chewy, shiny pink.

While this doesn't seem like any cause for alarm, perhaps it was a simple mistake caused by the cooks in the back, other users seemed to agree that something was "off" about the Minion meal.

"I had the minion menu and i had diarrhea for 4 days," claimed "minergirl666."

"i had the minions meal cold brew and gru'd my pants," wrote "kirath." Another user went on to claim that they found hairs in their banana milkshake.

Could this mean that all items on the Minion menu are tainted in some way? It seems that none of the reported incidents above occurred at the same restaurant, so it could just be that these were all unfortunate coincidences. IHOP is no stranger to cases of food poisoning, however, such as being linked to a Norovirus outbreak in Seattle earlier this year, via Food Poison Journal or salmonella poisonings in Amarillo, Texas, via News Channel 10. If you're feeling superstitious about the Minion menu, maybe order off the secret menu instead.