The Controversial Nugget-Eating Method That Had TikTok Divided

Let's say you're sitting at your local McDonald's, enjoying some classic McNuggets with your fries, when a man comes up to you out of the blue. The man notices you're enjoying some McNuggets and he asks you a very simple question: "How do you eat your nuggets?" As you slowly register the question, your immediate response is: "What the heck kind of question is that?"

Unlike the many different ways of eating certain foods, such as eating pizza with a knife or fork or putting French fries on your burger, it's usually believed there is only one way to eat chicken nuggets. You could dip them in sauce or eat them plain, and that's just about as far as it goes for most folks. Granted, there have been some people who toe the line with their "unique" way of nugget-eating, such as one Twitter user "peeling" the fried skin off their chicken nuggets to eat only the meat (via WCNC), which stirred some minor controversy among nugget lovers. Another method promoted by, oddly enough, an Australian McDonald's chef suggests combining McNuggets with the crust of an apple pie from McDonald's for a sweet, crunchy treat (via Newsweek).

Another method, while not as visceral as tearing the nuggets apart or shoving them into another piece of food, takes inspiration from another classic restaurant trick,

What's wrong with dipping nuggets in a milkshake?

TikTok user "eric_shinny" posted a short 5-second video, asking viewers a simple question: what is better to dip into a McFlurry? French fries or McNuggets? Most commenters, perhaps unsurprisingly, seemed disgusted by both concepts, preferring to keep their ice cream pure and free from salty, greasy foods. Yet there were some who found themselves on either side of the unusual debate.

"Fries and ice cream is valid," wrote one user. Another added, "Love both but probs nuggets," someone else chimed in with, "Fires and nuggets with milkshake try it's BUSSIN." 

Where exactly does the idea of dipping fries (or nuggets) in one's ice cream even come from? While the answer can't be traced to one person in time, a certain fast-food chain is known for popularizing the idea. Wendy's famous Frosty, according to PopSugar, is the most popular treat to dip French fries in, thanks to the unique taste of saltiness and creaminess from both foods. Even Wendy's itself has made a tweet enticing people try and experiment with dipping their fries into a cup of soft-serve. 

Wendy's has also gone on to suggest another thing people can dip into their Frosty's — and before you ask, it's not chicken nuggets.