Wendy's Just Came Up With The Next Best Thing To Dip Into Your Frosty

It's hard not to love the sass Wendy's dishes out on social media, but one of their most recent tweets gave a pretty odd and obvious answer to their own question when it tagged Pringles. The chain posed the question of the "craziest" thing dipped in a Frosty and tagged Pringles, and naturally, the potato chip brand answered with — you guessed it — Pringles. While you probably can't go too wrong by dipping anything salty into a sweet and creamy Frosty, dipping potato chips is definitely a switch from the classic french fry pairing (via Twitter).

French fries are super popular for Frosty dipping, for sure, and that even extends into some of the restaurants more interesting fry options, as one Twitter user noted: "not regular fries, baconator fries," they wrote. Others mentioned other Wendy's products, such as the Twitter user who wrote, "Square patties from my favorite ginger girls kitchen." However, it doesn't stop there, and there are reasons Pringles just might be the next best thing to plunge into your Frosty.

What everyone else has to say about potential things to dip into a Frosty

While you have probably already tried (and loved) hot french fries in your Frosty, the potato chip brings something new to the sweet and salty combo. Sure, french fries are delicious, but they're not always crisp when they come out of the bag. So, you end up with a mouth full of yummy flavors, but only one texture. Dipping Pringles into the dessert will give you the same kind of flavors but with a nice crisp crunch, and that sounds like a pretty welcome change.

Whether you think this new combo sounds like an amazing new thing to try or not, the internet had some rather interesting responses to the tweet. One person responded with fish sticks (to which Wendy's cleverly replied, "oh my cod"), and Boston Market responded with a puzzling tale of an old girlfriend and a promise ring that might have been slipped into her Frosty. Of course, Oreo had to jump in and suggest dipping Oreo cookies into the dessert, but if you really want a doubled up dessert that features cookies, maybe head to Costco instead. 

Wendy's doesn't stray far from the potato-and-Frosty connection

Naturally, Wendy's responded to the Pringles anwer of "Pringles" to promote their new partnered flavor, Baconator Pringles. This clever advertising mashup was not lost on Wendy's fans. "Wendy's, successfully promoting their own AND someone else's product and showing fun and personality doing it!" writes one Twitter user. 

So, pick up a can of the new Pringles chips and swing by your local Wendy's to try it for yourself. Or, you know, there are plenty of other Wendy's specials like free chicken nuggets or the new pretzel bacon pub cheeseburger that you might want to visit the chain for. Whatever you decide to order, do yourself a favor and use the app and the reward program to earn yourself more freebies.