Why Instagram Is Head Over Heels For Liam From GBBO

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"The Great British Bake Off" has had its share of personable contestants. Everyone's favorite Italian-British baker, Giuseppe Dell'Anno, won the 2021 season. The adorably nervous 2018 winner, Rahul Mandal, just couldn't seem to stop talking about his bakes at times. And 2020's winner, Peter Sawkins, dove right back into his studies in finance after taking home the grand prize (via Us Weekly). But it's not always the winners that hold fans' attention, as some other GBBO contestants have gone on to great things, such as 2019 season semifinalist Steph Blackwell, who has not only gone on to publish a cookbook but also become an advocate for those experiencing disordered eating symptoms.

Another contestant that won the hearts of viewers both across the pond in the U.K. and here in the U.S. is Liam Charles from the 2019 season. According to the GBBO website, Liam was just 19 years old when he appeared on the show and had just four years of baking experience at the time. Regardless of his seemingly novice skills, he did well on the show – although he didn't win – and has earned a place in the world of baking television.

Instagram is loving Liam Charles' totally relatable lack of composure

According to British food website Twisted, Liam Charles was eliminated in Episode 8 of the 2019 GBBO season after he struggled to make a Cumberland Rum Nicky in a technical challenge. Despite the outcome, Charles has made quite a name for himself in the television world. He has worked on his own Channel 4 show, "Liam Bakes," as a presenter on the spin-off show "Bake Off: The Professionals," and as a judge on "Junior Bake Off."

And, if a recent post on the GBBO Instagram account tells us anything, it's that fans are still rooting for Charles. The post features a series of four pics in which he tries to hold back a laugh with the captions "going...going...going...gone" as he succumbs into laughter in the last slide. Instagrammers took to the comments to show how much they love Charles, posting plenty of red hearts and heart-eyed emojis. "I adored Liam," wrote user @haleyyvirginia while user @plantlavnderforluck chimed in, "Liam is the most precious person ever."