Trader Joe's Fans Had A Rollercoaster Of Reactions To Its Vegan Meatless Meat Eater's Pizza

Gone are the days when being a vegan meant hopelessly scavenging through supermarkets looking for dairy-free, meatless food and drink options. In the 2020s, supermarkets like Trader Joe's, for one, have racks and racks filled not only with naturally plant-based foods, but even with creative alternatives for traditionally meaty or dairy-heavy classics. From oat-based eggnog and vegan feta to some Trader Joes' customers favorite vegan meat (hint: chorizo), the grocery chain has been upping its game in the world of vegan perishables.

Considering the fact that Trader Joe's has already dipped its toes in the vegan meats and cheeses scene, it only makes sense for the store to have a vegan alternative to the ultimate combination of the two: pizza. The store's Vegan Meatless Meat Eater's Pizza, covered in vegan mozzarella, was an instant hit among the masses as soon Instagrammers spotted the vegan pie in stores in 2021. While early reviews giving the pizza a five-star rating came pouring in, a recent Reddit discussion indicates that the faux-meaty pie has since lost a few fans.

Not everyone's a fan of the meatless meat

With a trio of "meats" — plant-based pepperoni slices, Italian sausage, and chorizo — it's safe to say that Trader Joes' vegan pizza is loaded with toppings. For some, this vegan pie ticks all the boxes: "It's my go-to frozen pizza now!" and "I love it and I'm a meat eater," wrote fans on Reddit.

Others, however, have a problem with the pizza's very selling point: the mock meat. Some shoppers have found that the meats have strange flavor, with comments describing the ingredients as oddly "minty," "fishy," and other adjectives you'd perhaps rather not associate with pizza. In fact, the Trader Joe's Vegan Meatless Meat Eater's Pizza has such mixed reviews that it's even divided families along the way, with one shopper admitting, "My partner is a child-like eater and loved it. I on the other hand absolutely hated it."

Aside from the meat issue, some fans simply found the TJ's product average at best, especially when compared to vegan pizzas made by other brands. For those who would still to give it a bite, however, some commenters suggested a few ways to upgrade the pie. Redditors recommend adding fire-roasted peppers and onions as additional toppings, as well as handful of extra shredded cheese or some garlic powder or black pepper to boost the flavor before you dig in.