Trader Joe's Shoppers Are Pumped For Its New Vegan Oat Nog

The temperatures are dropping. The lawns, houses, and buildings around your neighborhood are sprouting holiday lights and other decorations. As we get deeper into the holiday season and start to get in a holly, jolly mood, we begin to crave certain foods and beverages that remind us of our favorite memories and bring us comfort as we make new ones.

As usual, Trader Joe's is anticipating our every seasonal beverage desire with everything from wintry blend coffee to candy cane green tea. Its new vegan oat nog is perfect if you're craving a classic eggnog flavor without gluten, lactose, dairy, and soy. The vegan version of traditional eggnog is called O'Nog and has green holly sprigs and an oat wearing a scarf on the carton, so is sure to stand out amongst Trader Joe's other non-dairy products when you're looking for it. The carton suggests putting it in your coffee, drinking it straight, or adding some "cheer" to enjoy the product.

Instagram user @traderjoesaffecionado shared the good news when they found the vegan oat nog at their local store, and lots of other shoppers are getting really excited about the product online.

Trader Joe's shoppers are raving

Customers are starting to get their vegan oat nog fix at Trader Joe's and are loving the new product, which retails for $2.99 per carton.

The O'Nog is making the rounds on Trader Joe's fan accounts on Instagram like @traderjoeslist, who noted that the grocer had flavored their oat milk with some holiday spice and asked followers what they planned to make with the product. One commenter mentioned their plan to use it in a vegan eggnog fruit cake babka bread, while another said it was delicious steamed in their lattes.

In their review of the O'Nog, @traderjoesgoesvegan gave it a three out of five and noted the thick consistency of the product. Their followers planned to use it in vegan French toast, adult beverages, eggnog cheesecake, and cinnamon oatmeal with apples. While some shoppers were thrown off by the thickness, that seems to be what some people like about the product. Some commenters said it was thicker than Aldi's vegan eggnog, which made the Trader Joe's vegan oat nog perfect for recipes that need the thick consistency.

Trader Joe's O'Nog is definitely something to be excited for if you want to incorporate the traditional holiday spice flavors in a vegan diet, and seems to be useful in a wide range of recipes.