KFC Just Brought Back A Popular Menu Item After Three Years

The return of nostalgic items has been rising at a steady pace in the past few years. Cosmopolitan reports that trends from the 90s have been returning at a rapid degree and TV shows like "Stranger Things" are bringing back cult genres long thought to have passed their prime. The food industry is no stranger to capitalizing on the latest trends either. Those who grew up in the 90s are seeing the return of some favorite foods including snacks like Dunkaroos, Eggo cereal and Wonderballs.

Fast food spots are no exception to the return of items of the past that were once deemed popular by the public. Taco Bell recently brought back its Mexican Pizza and Popeye's brought back its Cajun Rice to celebrate its 50th anniversary. And now, after a three year hiatus, KFC is bringing back one of its own fan-favorite menu items for a limited time and at a throwback price.

KFC Mac & Cheese Bowls are available for a limited time

In the past few years, many internet boards and Reddit threads have bemoaned the removal of the Mac & Cheese Bowl from KFC's menu, but now those fans can finally put their sorrow to rest. The company has announced that for a limited time, KFC is bringing back the $5 Mac & Cheese Bowls. 

The bowls, which originally hit the menu back in 2019, will be back starting on July 18 and remain on menus for an indefinite, but short-lived time. For those who order digitally, KFC is also offering the opportunity to try the old favorite a bit earlier, starting on July 11, as long as they are ordered through the KFC mobile app or the KFC website.

The bowl comes with the very cheesy combo of "cheddar mac & cheese topped with KFC's crispy popcorn chicken and a sprinkle of a three-cheese blend," and this time around will also afford the option for the addition of some spice in the form of "KFC's spicy, smoky Nashville Hot sauce." In the past, critics gave the bowl rave reviews, like one Instagrammer who posted that the bowl contains a "combo we never knew we needed."

KFC is celebrating the Mac & Cheese Bowl's return with another offer as well — free delivery now through July 24 for those who order digitally.