Why Reddit Is Fed Up With Trader Joe's Ube Products

If you've been to a Trader Joe's store in the past few months, the chances are high that you've probably seen at least one ube product. Recently, Trader Joe's has launched quite the selection of treats made from this sweet purple Filipino yam, including Ube Ice Cream, Ube Tea Cookies, Ube Mochi Pancake & Waffle Mix, and even a colorful Ube Spread (per Thrillist). These new products are catching the attention of many shoppers who are eager to try the unique, colorful ingredient.

Those who've tried ube have had good things to say. Instagram user @traderjoeslist posted about the ube ice cream, calling it "a delicious treat," and many of their followers seemed to agree. An earlier post about the Ube Tea Cookies had fans commenting, calling them their "fav cookies ever" and "some of the best cookies I've ever had." 

While they might have received some rave reviews on Instagram, some shoppers have a different view. One TJ's shopper took to Reddit to voice their opinion about the ube products that have been filling the store's shelves recently. The user posted that all the ube products are "trash," explaining that "the "ube" flavors at TJ's just taste overly sugary, with barely any ube flavor at all."

Some think TJ's ube products lack authentic flavor

The Redditor explains that they live near "lots of Filipino bakeries in my area, so maybe I'm spoiled," and perhaps that's why their opinion is, overall, that Trader Joe's ube products are "nasty." And while they may have labeled this post an "unpopular opinion," many other commenters were relieved that someone else had finally said what they had been thinking all along. 

"I grew up eating ube-related food items and TJ's ube products are terrible!" reacted one user, while another replied, "If I could upvote this a million times I would." One user reacted, "As a Filipino, I approve this message," and other comments called the ube products "awful," "artificial," "pure sugar," and even "vile."

A common complaint is that the products were too sugar-forward, and contain only the slightest hints of authentic ube flavor, if any. One user said it "tasted like someone yelled ube into the box instead of using actual ube flavoring." Another joked, "They clearly make their ube products at the La Croix factory," and one commented, "I swear TJs will just call any product that is purple, Ube." 

So, as Trader Joe's ube products have certainly turned heads on other social media sites, it seems some fans of this tasty Filipino ingredient are not impressed with the store's selection.