Trader Joe's Shoppers Have Some Seriously Creative Uses For Its Ube Spread

Recently, Trader Joe's Ube products have been turning shoppers' heads. Ube, a type of purple yam that is native to Southeast Asia, has been gaining popularity in the United States in recent years, and Trader Joe's has been at the forefront of delivering the subtly sweet, slightly nutty flavor to their fans. In recent months, the popular grocery chain has delighted shoppers with their Ube-Covered Pretzels, as well as the return of their Ube Mochi Pancake and Waffle Mix, which first hit stores back in 2020, according to FoodBeast.

These ube products were an instant hit with fans, who took to social media to rave about the uniquely sweet and colorful new ingredient. "So good we made some for dinner last night!!!" @trader_joes_treasure_hunt raved about the Ube pancake mix on Instagram, while one user said of the Ube-covered pretzels, "Puts my calendar to OOO just to make an emergency trip to TJs tomorrow morning to snag these," in the comments of another Instagram post. And now, it seems that Trader Joe's has another big hit on its hands with the release of their newest Ube product, an Ube spread.

Trader Joe's Ube Spread has a number of delicious uses

Trader Joe's has recently released a sweet spread that combines the unique yammy flavor of ube with coconut cream, butter, and cane sugar to create a brightly flavorful topping for toast, sandwiches, and everything in between, according to Trader Joe's. There is certainly no shortage of ways to enjoy this popular, crave-worthy spread, and many fans took to Instagram to offer their favorite suggestions for ways to prepare this product. "Now you can turn anything into UBE. Yogurt — mix in some UBE spread, cookies add in some UBE spread, froth — add in some UBE spread, boyfriend — add in a dollop of UBE spread ... you get the point!" @traderjoeslist posted on Instagram before asking their followers "How will you use the new UBE spread?"

Many were quick to add their own suggestions. "Stuffed French toast ... that's what we did with the cinnamon bun spread they had in the fall and it was incredible," one user recommended. "I really really want to try this and put it into a cream cheese frosting for a cake or some cookie sandwiches! I would also put it in my oatmeal, yogurt, or on crackers with some whipped goat cheese," an Instagrammer replied, while another user said they "need to snag a jar for my macaron fillings." Based on this positive reception, it seems the spread is popular and versatile enough to be enjoyed in a number of different ways.