The Fancy Popeyes Dinner Date That's Making Instagram Envious

When you think of taking your partner out for date night, you're probably not thinking about treating them to a dinner of cheeseburgers and fries at your local McDonald's. Date nights usually entail fine dining, atmosphere, and dressing up nice — all things that most people don't consider when going for fast food. This hasn't stopped certain fast food restaurants from trying to market themselves as a place where love runs over like hot grease from a fryer.

McDonald's, back in February, launched an exclusive Valentine's Day menu, consisting of Quarter Pounders (with cheese!) paired with Summer Fruit Oasis and Spicy Veggie Wraps with milkshakes (via Bustle). In 2018, KFC wanted to ignite the flames of passion through eleven herbs and spices with their "scratch-n-sniff" Valentine's Day cards (via TODAY). From special deals to the most offbeat of promotions, it seems fast food will do anything to attract that most lucrative customer base of all: young lovers.

For fried chicken joint Popeyes, there was no need to get quirky with things such as heart-shaped biscuits or chicken tenders in a heart-shaped velvet box (though such things wouldn't be unwelcome). The chain seemed to think the lovers of the world want something upscale — table service, waiters in suits, fine china, the works. Popeyes decided to show the world just how fancy Louisiana cooking could be.

Popeye's dinner date includes chicken-themed china and biscuits

A far cry from Valentine's Day, Popeyes posted a brief video on its Instagram page on July 13. The video outlines a "fancy Popeyes dinner date," featuring everything from Popeyes Chicken-themed plating, bright orange candles, and of course, a chicken sandwich at the center surrounded by a veritable cornucopia of Popeyes side dishes. As the attendants tuck napkins into their collars, a white-suited waiter carries a tray of freshly prepared biscuits under an illustrious glass cover, to which the attendants drizzle honey over their golden salty appetizers. The purpose of the video? To ask viewers the question of who they would take on such a fancy date. 

Many viewers were eager to answer, tagging other users whom they felt would enjoy a fancy night out at Popeyes. Others were jealous of the fine utensils, ignoring any prospective partners to admire how tasteful the Popeyes fine china looked. The video currently has about 5,000 likes and hundreds of comments. One fan wrote they would treat "me myself and I" to the date, while many others tagged loved ones they would enjoy the meal with. One person was excited by the place settings and even wrote, "Need those plates." This isn't the first time the chain has tried to use romance to bring people into its stores. Popeyes honored Valentine's Day by offering a special promotion designed to bring lovers together over the chain's famous chicken sandwich. Talk about frying up some love.