This Grocery Store Has The Best Cookies, According To Consumer Survey

One of the phenomenal things about grocery stores is consumers have a one-stop shop for food items. Grocery store bakery sections are no exception to this grandeur, proven by its continuous rising success (Via Supermarket News). According to Eric Richard of the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association, bakery sales rose 11% from 2020 to 2021 and he remained optimistic that the numbers would continue to rise. "It's reflective of people feeling safe and shopping more in person and not worrying as much about interactions," he said. "It's definitely trending in the right direction." This upward trend marked a shift in focus from bread and rolls to cakes and cupcakes.

Because it provides so much value, it's no surprise that the bakery section is favored by nearly 30% of people over other areas of the store. Per All Recipes, bakeries can do more for you than you probably realize. They're a place to buy raw dough, get a cake customized, and even request items that aren't typically available at that point in the year. And honestly, it would be a crime for you to forget about the cookies.

A sweet victory

Whether its chocolate chip, peanut butter, or oatmeal raisin, you probably have a preferred cookie. You also might have a preferred grocery store to address your cookie needs. Per a survey of 526 consumers, 136 people, which equals 25.86%, think that Costco has the best grocery store cookies. Second place is tied between Whole Foods and Walmart with 114 votes (21.67%), and the next spot is Publix, receiving 82, or 15.59% of votes. The last place in the survey goes to Kroger, which is slightly behind Publix at 80 votes, or 15.21%.

Per Food52, our winner, Costco, sells several much-loved cookie varieties. One of these is its raspberry crumble cookie, which has a buttery, yet sweet and sour flavor. Another is white chocolate macadamia nut that's rich, sweet, and crunchy. If cookies aren't necessarily your thing, the wholesale depot can still provide value to your life, especially with Costco treats that have returned and thrilled shoppers.