The Returning Costco Treats That Have Shoppers Thrilled

There are few treats more classic than a chocolate chip cookie. There is just something about the mix of sugary, buttery baked dough and sweet little chocolate chunks that makes this pairing the perfect snack. However, while it might be considered a staple today, the dessert wasn't invented until the late 1930s. According to The New Yorker, the most romantic and widely spread origin story has it that Toll House restaurant owner Ruth Wakefield stumbled upon the chocolate chip cookie recipe accidentally. When she ran out of nuts while preparing a different cookie, she added pieces of a Nestlé chocolate bar instead, inadvertently creating what is perhaps now the most popular type of cookie on the market. People have been clamoring for chocolate chip cookies ever since.

However, not all chocolate chip cookies are created equally. Some brands are more popular than others, as some Costco fans recently showed on social media. The wholesale chain's Kirkland Signature mini chocolate chip cookies have returned to the store's shelves, and many shoppers took to Instagram to rave about the quality of this chocolaty treat.

Costco shoppers were excited for the return of Kirkland's mini chocolate chip cookies

Instagram user @costcobuys made a post alerting their followers to the return of these popular cookies, calling them "a great snack!" These "thin and crispy" cookies are "made with simple ingredients," per the packaging, like flour, brown sugar, butter, eggs, and semi-sweet chocolate chips, and are currently selling for $6.99 per 24-ounce bag.

The Kirkland snack was a big hit when it first arrived on Costco's shelves in 2020, with one fan calling the cookies "SO GOOD!" and saying they "legit taste homemade!" on Instagram at the time. Shoppers have been just as delighted by their return in 2022. "These are sooo good. Sat around a fire this spring with our friends and passed this bag of cookies around. It was gone in minutes!" raved @heleninatx, while other users called them "addicting" and "SUCH a guilty pleasure."

The love for the bite-sized treats went on: "Snack. Meal. You know...I could eat this whole bag," joked @become_pneuma, which could explain why some users said they prefer the old, single-serving packaging. "Our family LOVESS these cookies but they only have them for short periods of time...Costco please keep these in stock!!" begged a different user. While these mini chocolate chip cookies might only be around for a limited time before they disappear from shelves again, it certainly seems that fans are thrilled to once again be able to get their hands on this popular snack.