Michael Symon's New Sous Chef Cuts Like A Pro

It's common for toddlers and little kids to love doing grown-up tasks on their own. Whether it's attempting to tie their shoes or set the table, kids thrive on the thrill of accomplishing an activity usually meant for an adult. One kid who is certainly following her parent's lead is Emmy, the granddaughter of celebrity chef Michael Symon

It's not shocking that Symon's granddaughter is already a budding chef, as his culinary endeavors have always been a family affair. According to USA Today, Symon opened his first restaurant in 1997 with his wife, Liz. His best friend Doug remains his business and restaurant partner. His mother-in-law still answers the phones and his retired father helps with the finances.

Symon's granddaughter Emmy often makes appearances on his social media pages. In 2020, Symon shared an adorable photo of Emmy on his Facebook, calling her "my little chef in the making!" A 2021 Instagram post showed Symon and his granddaughter sharing their love of the Cleveland Browns football team, with Emmy wearing a Browns hat and holding a miniature cast-iron skillet filled with pasta. Now, Emmy's culinary future is looking even brighter.

Michael Symon's granddaughter preps food with a kid-friendly knife

In June 2022, Michael Symon shared an Instagram post that had fans swooning over his mini prep chef. In the video, Symon's granddaughter Emmy is chopping what appears to be red peppers. As Symon notes in the post, the knife she is using is the Opinel Le Petit Chef knife set. Fans were quick to notice the unique feature of the child-safe knife, the most obvious of which is the finger guard that provides a barrier between the knife and little fingers. One follower commented, "Do they make one for adults? 😂"

Le Petit Chef knife allows children to learn proper knife cutting techniques while keeping their fingers safe and intact. Kids like Emmy can practice their knife skills and achieve the perfect dice on vegetables and fruits. 

Emmy may be learning knife skills from her grandpa, but perhaps in the future, those skills can be put to good use at her dad's coffee and donut shop. Grindstone Coffee and Donuts, which opened in 2016 in Sag Harbor, New York, serves up freshly baked brioche donuts and organic coffee. If Emmy's early sous chef role is any indication of her future food undertakings, we're excited about what's to come.