Everything You Need To Know About The Ready Dough Pizza Recall

Recalls, though they range in severity, can be pretty alarming. Each time a new product is recalled, consumers are forced to scramble to make sure they don't have the item, sometimes in order to keep their loved ones safe. One of the more serious food-related recallsĀ involved Peanut Corp. of America back in 2009 (Via Kiplinger). After a Georgia peanut processor suffered from a salmonella outbreak, nine people died, hundreds were sickened, and nearly 4,000 products were recalled. Out of an abundance of caution, peanut butter sales dropped 25%, even though many major brands were still deemed safe.

You may be surprised to know how common food recalls actually happen. According to Food Safety News, some of the current recalls in effect as of July 2022 include BrandStorm Inc. blueberries for high lead content, Enjoy Life Natural Brands LLC baked snacks for the presence of plastic pieces, and Big Olaf Creamery ice cream for Listeria. Recently, a pizza company had to pull a product from the shelves for a couple of different reasons.

The labels were inaccurate

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service, 10,584 pounds of pepperoni pizza produced by Ready Dough Pizza Inc. were recently recalled. The Pizza Cubana Cuban Style Pepperoni Pizza products, which were produced from January 12 through July 13, were pulled for having no ingredient label or the wrong ingredient label, even though the product contained known allergens such as milk, wheat, and soybeans. They were also not federally inspected by the U.S.D.A, so they are lacking the appropriate inspection mark on the box.

This isn't the first time a pizza company's products were taken off the shelves due to a labeling mishap. Per Self, nearly 28,000 pounds of DiGiorno pizza were recalled when the product in the box wasn't as advertised. Apparently, the packaging suggested the pizzas were DiGiorno Pepperoni Crispy Pan Crust pizzas, but upon opening the box, they were actually three-meat pizzas.

If you have a Ready Dough pepperoni pizza in the fridge, the USDA recommends against eating it, especially if you have any known food allergies.