Why Reddit Has A Problem With Trader Joe's Butter Chicken

Inflation is capturing the headlines these days with elevated fuel and food prices impacting our daily lives and giving us pause about purchasing staple items we used to not think twice about such as bread and milk (per Bloomberg). But inflation isn't the only issue that is causing people to consider altering their buying habits at grocery stores.

Inflation's vexing companion 'shrinkflation' has also reared its ugly head to torment shoppers. This is when manufacturers shrink their packaging sizes but don't lower the price to match the item's reduced contents. According to NPR, shrinkflation has impacted an array of products ranging from Kleenex and dish soap to yogurt and coffee.

It's seen as an alternative to raising costs, but when consumers discover the ploy they are not amused. Trader Joe's customers have previously called out the supermarket chain for crimes of shrinkflation surrounding Lemon Elderflower Soda's suspicious decrease in ounces. Another alleged victim of the practice that has members of the subreddit r/traderjoes rankled involves Trader Joe's Butter Chicken.

'Where's the chicken?'

Redditor u/Phila21767 posted a photo depicting the contents of their Trader Joe's Butter Chicken frozen foods microwave meal, revealing a sad three pieces of chicken looking lonely on a bed of Basmati rice. They admonish, "Trader Joe's, stop being cheap with the butter chicken. My last purchase."

Fellow users shared their own disappointing experiences with Butter Chicken shrinkflation, a sentiment echoed by Shopping With Dave, which called the portion size "comically skimpy." User plastictoothpick observed, "It's been getting worse and worse the past few years. Not to mention the sauce to rice ratio is totally out of control." Redditor dirty_guava noted, "Wow, I thought I was going crazy...glad it's not just me." Wheresmahfoulref called the Butter Chicken situation "shrinkflation at its finest."

Another commenter added a little levity to the situation. Muldervinscully quipped, "This is why I always carry at least three pieces of cooked chicken breast in my pocket at all times. For moments like these." Others suggested Trader Joe's meal alternatives that taste good but haven't yet been hit by shrinkflation. User Practical-Stuff- stated, "I was happier with the serving size of the paneer tikka masala, and I actually found I like it better than any of their chicken." Some advised buying the chicken tikka masala, instead. Whatever you choose, remember to scan the packaging and keep an eye on those serving sizes.