How You Can Get A Job As A Chief Candy Officer

Remember Cry Babies, Astro Pops, and Baby Bottle Pops? What about gummy hotdogs and tiny gummy hamburgers layered with adorable gummy lettuce and gummy tomato? While most of these childhood treats have been lost to the ages, these and many other retro candies we miss are still available from Canadian online distributor Candy Funhouse. They sell everything from MoonPies to Charleston Chews to Chupa Chups Melody Pops, as well as more current candies (via Candy Funhouse).

But the Canadian retailer doesn't stop there. It carries a full selection of candy bars you can't find in the U.S., as well as snacks from around the world, including Japanese energy drinks, rare sodas, and, interestingly, American cereals (via Candy Funhouse). How does the company stay on top of all of its delicious items when its inventory spans continents and thousands of products? That will be the full-time job for one lucky person as Candy Funhouse's newest employee.

The world's 'first and only' Chief Candy Officer

Candy Funhouse may have the best foodie job since becoming an inspector for the Michelin guide. In a real-life Willy Wonka situation, the company is hiring who they say will be "the world's first and only Chief Candy Officer" (via Candy Funhouse). In addition to leading board meetings and selecting new products, this six-figure employee will be the head taste tester and sample at least 3,500 candies a month — no word on whether those samples will include Japanese energy drinks. While the new role will take care of many business-related tasks, the role is open to anyone ages 5 and older. Yes, that's right. Technically, an elementary school-aged child could fill this high-level gig. After all, who loves candy more than kids?

The lucky applicant, in addition to possessing "golden taste buds," must live in North America and have no food allergies. Other than those requirements, the only prior experience called for is a love of candy and a willingness to learn. The position will even include palate training (via LinkedIn). If you think you're a pro when it comes to candy, you can apply under the careers section of Candy Funhouse's website.