Instagram Is Drooling Over Gordon Ramsay's Spring Rolls

Maybe it's time to ask ourselves does Gordon Ramsay have a doppelgänger? The famous chef and TV personality is omnipresent on social media, and that's when he's not filming new seasons of his long-running shows, such as "Hell's Kitchen" and "MasterChef," or new shows altogether, such as "The Savoy" and "Future Food Stars" (via IMDB). His duet videos on the popular social media site TikTok are often going viral, in which he reacts to TikTok users' food-related videos and creations. But when does he find the time to do all of this? 

Having a doppelgänger is not out of the question, as there is one lookalike, Martin Jordan, that often acts as a double for the celebrity chef in TV ads. Jordan recently did a commercial for beer in Croatia in which he posed as Ramsay, and some people might have thought that it was the great chef himself. But the real Gordon Ramsay has other things to do, such as making tasty spring rolls that Instagram is now drooling over.

Gordon Ramsay made duck spring rolls

In a post shared on Ramsay's Instagram account, the chef posted a video in which he makes duck spring rolls for his school, Gordon Ramsay Academy, located near London. The cookery school holds cooking and baking classes, and anyone can apply to learn how to cook like Ramsay. The duck spring rolls are made as part of his "Taste of East Asia" class, and they consist of duck breast meat, shallots, carrots, and cabbage. 

Once assembled and fried, the crispy spring rolls are dipped in what seems like hoisin sauce. Ramsay's followers on Instagram were quick to comment, "If I take this class. Will I be like you," and "Now that's what I call a spring roll." We must admit that the duck spring rolls look pretty appetizing, and if you'd like to try making spring rolls in your own kitchen, we suggest this tasty and easy shrimp roll recipe first.