Marco's Pizza Popular Menu Items, Ranked Worst To Best

It may not be as well-known as Little Caesars, Domino's, Pizza Hut, Papa John's, or even Papa Murphy's, but Marco's Pizza is one of the largest national pizza chains. It comes in sixth place in terms of size, after the five aforementioned pizza giants (via Restaurant Business Online). Per Marco's, Pasquale Giammarco opened the first location in Toledo, Ohio in 1978. There are now over 1,000 Marco's Pizza locations in America. With that comes an expanded menu — and a developed fan base.

If you know anything about Marco's Pizza, you know the hits: the Pepperoni Magnifico, the Cheezybread, and the Double Chocolate Brownie. But Marco's core menu comes with much more. Under the section "Local Delights," you'll find unique menu items sold at particular stores. With so many Italian delicacies to choose from, you might need some help sorting out the best options.

This ranking was decided based on customer reviews, our assessment of recipes, and the ability for each item to be combined with other offerings. Read on to find out how popular foods sold by Marco's Pizza stack up against one another.

14. Chicken Wings

If you're craving chicken on pizza night, you're in luck. Marco's Pizza — like many other national pizza chains — sells a few chicken dishes as sides. One popular option is Marco's Chicken Wings, which consists of six to 15 wings. The wings can be prepared in three different styles: barbecue, buffalo, or plain, per the menu. Diners can also select different dipping sauces (garlic butter, ranch, buffalo, blue cheese, or jalapeño).

Unfortunately, these combinations are not executed very well, according to reviews. On Tripadvisor, one person who ate Marco's Chicken Wings was very disappointed. "Small, which I can deal with. But full of not well-cooked fat on the outside. Had to peel it off. When I did. Barely one little bite of meat left ... SKIP the wings," the reviewer said. This view is not held by everyone — just take the Facebook reviews of a Florida Marco's location as an example. There, people enjoy Marco's Chicken Wings somewhat, but are not extremely enthusiastic about them.

When ordering from a pizza chain like Marco's, chicken might not be the menu section you gravitate toward. The Chicken Dippers — the other optional chicken side — seem to be executed much better.

13. Cinnasquares

Cinnasquares are sold at every location of Marco's Pizza. Per the Marco's menu, the dessert is simply a tray of sweetened dough topped with cinnamon and sugar. It also comes with a separate packet of icing for you to add to the Cinnasquares. Marco's Cinnasquares are similar to the cinnamon treats sold by Domino's and Papa John's.

These treats are usually less than well-received. Insider said the Cinnasquares were overpriced and not worth ordering. On YouTube, one review called the treats artificial-tasting, greasy, and sometimes flavorless. Nothing about this sounds like the kind of dessert we'd like to spend money on.

Cinnasquares might be the only dessert option offered by your local Marco's Pizza location. If this is the case, we would recommend skipping dessert. There are plenty of other ways to satisfy your sweet tooth — ways that don't involve squeezing a plastic packet of icing onto an unsatisfying snack.

12. Deluxe Pizza Bowl

In 2020, Marco's Pizza introduced pizza bowls to its menu. As Brand Eating explains, this gluten-free product is pizza minus the bread, great for customers with special dietary needs, such as gluten-free or Keto. Diners are offered a tray of ingredients like cheese, sauce, and other toppings baked in a tray. There were initially three pizza bowl options: the All Meat Pizza Bowl, the Deluxe Pizza Bowl, and the Garden Pizza bowl.

As far as we're concerned, the Deluxe Pizza Bowl is the clear favorite. Part of the reason is its availability at all Marco's Pizza locations nationwide. Another reason could be the ingredients, as it combines what's great about the All Meat Pizza Bowl (having multiple kinds of meat) and the Garden Pizza Bowl (offering several different vegetables). According to the menu, the Deluxe Pizza Bowl is "pepperoni, Italian sausage, mushrooms, green peppers, and onions, baked with our original sauce and signature three cheeses, topped with Romesan seasoning." As Meat Poultry explains, Romesan is a seasoning similar to Parmesan, which is infused with Italian herbs and spices.

On Yelp, the Deluxe Pizza Bowl has fans. "The crustless deluxe bowl was fabulous," said one person. "They look good and tasted even better," wrote another. If you want to get a bowl, go with the Deluxe option. However, we'd choose higher-ranked items — including normal pizzas — before ordering a bowl.

11. All Meat Pizza

You can purchase the All Meat Pizza at any Marco's Pizza location. According to the menu, the pizza is topped with ham, pepperoni, Italian sausage, and bacon. In short, this is a simple meat lover's pizza. Similar products are sold at competitor pizza chains. At Domino's, the competitor's product is made with ham, beef, Italian sausage, and pepperoni. At Pizza Hut, the meat lover's pizza is made with pork, sausage, beef, and ham. All of these pizzas are similar, offering multiple forms of indulgence in one pie.

If you're looking to order a meat pizza from Marco's, you could choose one of the basic offerings, like this All Meat Pizza, instead of customizing your own. However, we wouldn't pick the All Meat Pizza. The meat flavors are all too similar, leading to a somewhat boring slice full of unexciting bites. As blogger Experience FoodBoss wrote of the All Meat Pizza from Marco's, "The meat was sufficient. I would like to see a little more cheese ... I thought it was okay." If you're craving meat on your pizza, we'd recommend the Pepperoni Magnifico.

10. Garden Pizza

The Garden Pizza is Marco's version of veggie pizza. It comes topped with black olives, mushrooms, sliced tomatoes, and onions. This menu item even comes with four different kinds of cheeses, including feta. The Garden Pizza is a good option for the 10% of Americans over the age of 18 who call themselves vegan or vegetarian, according to a poll.

We think the Garden Pizza is a step up from the All Meat Pizza. A review on The Clovis Roundup said the toppings were fresh and the bread was a satisfying consistency. On Grubhub, many users who ordered this vegetarian dish complimented it. "The food was very good. Will order from there again," said one person. "We love them," said another customer who purchased the Garden Pizza.

The thing is, like many vegetarian pizzas, Marco's Garden Pizza comes with one major downside: It contains black olives. "Many people do not like black olives, and yet inexplicably, many pizzerias include them on vegetarian pizzas," explained a Quora user. This means that even if you specifically order this for the vegetarians in your group, a few of them might be disappointed. Instead, we favor a plain cheese pizza above this one.

9. Chicken Club

If you're getting lunch from Marco's — or maybe just really craving a sandwich — go with the Chicken Club. For multiple reasons, this bite appears to be the best sandwich option. It's made with "grilled chicken, bacon, tomatoes, mayo, and our signature three cheeses," per the menu. The three-cheese blend — mozzarella, provolone, and muenster (via Fast Food Nutrition) — is also applied to Marco's pizzas.

This simple combination of ingredients is successfully combined into a satisfying sandwich, according to online reviews. "This place has the best chicken club in Fremont, Ohio by far. They know what a chicken club means," wrote one person on Tripadvisor. On Yelp, another reviewer said, "Chicken Club sub is amazing." Marco's Pizza is winning people over with this savory combination of chicken, melted cheese, and tomatoes.

We only have a few critiques for this sandwich. For one, it's not Marco's specialty, as this chain is known for its pizza — so you may find the Marco's Chicken Club to be somewhat lacking in quality. Also, despite its popularity, a sandwich isn't the type of thing to order as a side to your pizza, which means there are fewer opportunities to order it. Still, since so many people rave about it, we think it deserves a spot around the midway point of this ranking.

8. The Big Cheese

The Big Cheese, a Marco's Pizza product, returned to the national menu in 2020. According to Fast Food Post, it's a very decadent plain cheese pie that comes with a whopping five types of cheese. Granted, all pizzas at Marco's are heavy on dairy, as they are made with a three-cheese blend of mozzarella, provolone, and muenster, according to Fast Food Nutrition. But with The Big Cheese pizza, two additional kinds of cheeses (cheddar and parmesan) are also added — and the crust comes topped with parmesan.

People tend to like The Big Cheese. On Tripadvisor, one user called this pizza "a must try." On Twitter, one person said of the pie, "Had one yesterday! Soooo good!" If you need at least one cheese pizza in your order — and you want something very cheesy — The Big Cheese could be a good choice.

The issue that some customers have with The Big Cheese is that it's made with cheddar, which is a little unconventional for a pizza. As another Tripadvisor review said, "I could have done though without the cheddar, not a cheddar fan." Because of this, some think it's not as good as the other pizzas sold by Marco's.

7. Greek Salad

A casual pizza chain is not the typical place to get a salad. However, when it feels necessary to get something green, we'd recommend the Greek Salad. Per Marco's, it is made with a "fresh-cut lettuce blend, feta cheese crumbles, black olives, sliced tomatoes, red onions, and banana peppers," plus Greek dressing. That lettuce blend is made up of iceberg and romaine lettuce, according to a nutrition blog.

As one Tripadvisor user pointed out, this Greek Salad is still not completely normal. For one thing, it doesn't have cucumbers (which are typically included in a Greek Salad recipe). Plus, the vegetables you'll get from Marco's probably won't be as fresh. One additional potential downside: It comes with black olives. But the product's fans say it's worth grabbing if you need some greens on the side.

On Yelp, one person called Marco's Greek Salad "delicious." On Restaurant Guru, multiple users were fans of the salad. One reviewer wrote, "We also got the regular size Greek salad and it was big! Plenty for two and a great accompaniment to their yummy pizza! We will absolutely order from Marco's again!" This salad isn't perfect but certainly leaves some people satisfied.

6. Cheezybread

Cheezybread is one of the most iconic menu items at Marco's Pizza. Where the chain's Pizza Bowls are like pizza without the bread, Cheezybread is essentially pizza without the sauce. However, you do get a side of it for dipping. Per the menu, this side is made with bread topped with Marco's three-cheese blend plus garlic sauce. Along with a side of Marco's pizza sauce — which is advertised as the same sauce used on its pizzas — customers also get a side of ranch.

On Tripadvisor, one customer was also pleased with this side, writing, "If you don't order anything else, get the Cheezybread — it is fantastic, and comes with two dipping sauces." Per a review posted on Insider, "Marco's Cheezybread was one of the better cheesy breads I've eaten ... Upon opening the box of Cheezybread, I was hit with the intoxicating aroma of garlic." The outlet recommended this as a side to one of Marco's salads.

There aren't many downsides to ordering this Marco's Pizza menu item. However, the Cheezybread may be seen as too similar to Marco's pizzas, as it's made with the same ingredients. Due to this, you may want to order it by itself or with wings or a salad.

5. Chicken Dippers

As far as chicken dishes go, Chicken Dippers seem to be the top choice at Marco's. According to the menu, the plate consists of boneless, white meat chicken pieces. It also comes with one dipping sauce of choice. Ranch, garlic butter, barbecue, jalapeño ranch, buffalo, and bleu cheese are all available.

On Grubhub, most Marco's Pizza customers loved the Chicken Dippers. "Great food. Ordered from here many times," said one person. "Consistently good as expected," wrote another fan of these chicken nuggets. On Yelp, one customer wrote, "They had a peppery coating that was unique and flavorful."

Because the Chicken Dippers don't come prepared with a chosen sauce, they are consistently better quality than the wings. Each piece of chicken comes with a crunchy, well-seasoned outer shell. These simple, boneless nuggets aren't trying to be fancy — and they're not much better than the frozen chicken nuggets you could get at the grocery store. But according to reviews, Marco's Chicken Dippers have a high success rate. Another positive is that they go well with just about anything on the menu.

4. Double Chocolate Brownie

The Double Chocolate Brownie is one of the few dessert items sold by Marco's Pizza, along with Cinnasquares. However, we think they are better than their cinnamon counterparts. According to Marco's Franchising, the Double Chocolate Brownie is topped with Ghirardelli chocolate in the form of chocolate chips (via GSR Magazine). Although the term is singular, there are several servings of brownies per container.

With the inclusion of chocolate, these treats seem to be more crowd-pleasing than the chain's Cinnasquares. Marco's brownies come already drizzled with chocolate sauce, instead of making you add the topping yourself. This dessert item also easily complements essentially everything on the menu; the Double Chocolate Brownie could go with pizza, salad, subs, chicken, or even Cheezybread. As for our critiques, the brownies may simply be too sweet or chocolate-filled for some. However, that doesn't seem to be the case with many of Marco's customers.

"The brownie was to die for!! SO GOOD!!" wrote one Marco's Pizza customer on Tripadvisor. "I would also recommend the brownie, it's delicious," said someone on Grubhub. "The double chocolate brownie is so satisfyingly warm and gooey. Definitely perfect for a chocoholic," wrote another who tried Marco's Double Chocolate Brownie on Yelp.

3. Deluxe Pizza

The Deluxe Pizza is unquestionably a standby at Marco's. Since it has both meat and vegetables, it appeals to many hungry pizza lovers. Per the menu, it comes with two kinds of meat (Italian sausage and pepperoni), three types of vegetables (onions, mushrooms, and green peppers), and Marco's classic three-cheese blend (muenster, provolone, and mozzarella), as well as feta. The combination of all of these elements creates a pizza packed with flavor — at least as packed as you'll get from a national pizza chain like Marco's.

Someone who said the Deluxe Pizza is a part of their usual order wrote, "It never disappoints. Whenever we crave pizza for a night in, this is our go-to ... I highly recommend it" (via Yelp). "The Deluxe Pizza and Chicken Dippers were delicious," said another customer.

If you're going to order Marco's, you can't go wrong with the Deluxe. It's a tried-and-true recipe that's sure to please a few omnivores. Order a Deluxe Pizza, a salad, some Chicken Dippers, and the brownies to make a great little feast.

2. White Cheezy

The White Cheezy Pizza is another excellent pizza made by Marco's. It's a menu item that can proudly claim to have won an award. In 2006, the White Cheezy won Best Gourmet Pizza at the California Pizza Championships (via QSRweb). The essential elements of this pizza do have something more high-end about them. It's made with sliced tomatoes, onions, garlic parmesan sauce, and feta cheese, per the menu. On the less sophisticated (yet still yummy) side, it's also made with bacon and Marco's three-cheese blend. This is a classic white pizza — meaning it does not contain red sauce — hence the name. As for the "cheezy" part, it comes with the addition of feta, making it cheesier than some of Marco's other menu items.

Along with official pizza contest judges, this pie has its internet fans. The blog Pizza Lads liked it, writing, "A sprinkling of onions finished off the main toppings that contrasted well with the cheese ... A nice pizza combo and one that we would order again." Someone on Tripadvisor recommended it as well.

The White Cheezy has a successful blending of ingredients and a spate of good reviews. It's a great pizza to order alone, or with other pizzas (to get your red sauce fix). Or if you just order a white pizza, it will also go well with Marco's sides, salads, desserts, and other menu items.

1. Pepperoni Magnifico

The Pepperoni Magnifico is by far the hit item at Marco's. It comes with two types of pepperoni, Romesan seasoning (the Marco's original), pizza sauce, and the famous Marco's three-cheese blend, per the menu.

People love this pizza because of Marco's signature "old-world pepperoni" (via Insider). According to Tastylicious, this type of pepperoni is cut into thicker slices that shrink up and curl when they're cooked. This type of pepperoni has become more popular in recent years (via Eater), but Marco's had it first.

"The pepperoni had a good zip to it and left a spicy aftertaste," said Indy Pizza Blog. "One of my favorite pepperoni pizzas. I probably get one every week," wrote someone on Tripadvisor. "I highly recommend this delicious pizza! If I could rate it better than a 10, I would, because I think it is that terrific!" read a Review Stream rating. 

The Pepperoni Magnifico, like the White Cheezy, is also an award-winning pizza. In 2015, it received the Silver Prize at Las Vegas' International Pizza Expo in the Traditional category (via Fast Casual). If you're ordering multiple pizzas from Marco's, make sure the Pepperoni Magnifico is one of them. But if you're only getting one pizza, go with this one.